Chapter 2

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Here's a picture of Laughlin.

Chapter 2

The next day, I walked into the school, my heart pounding though I didn't know why. I knew things were going to be different, but I really didn't want it to be. Mary had been my best friend since I could remember and Laughlin became my friend because he was dating Mary. I didn't want to stop being friends with either of them, though Mary didn't want me being friends with Laughlin. I wonder if Laughlin felt the same way.

As soon as I walked inside, Mary walked up to me. She was wearing her usual flashy outfits and she had a huge smile on her face. Odd. "You're taking things surprisingly well," I said.

Mary furrowed her eyebrows, looking extremely confused. "What are you talking about?"

Was she in denial? "Uh, you and Laughlin," I said. "You're taking everything surprisingly well."

"Oh, that," she said as if she completely forgot about it. "Yeah well I figured that it's all in the past and it's best if I were to move on from life and completely cut Laughlin out."

"Completely?" I asked. "So no having friends who are friends with him?"

Mary sighed. "Ellie, you know how I feel about Laughlin after he, you know. Seeing you be friends with him will only bring back the bad memories."

I sighed. I couldn't do that to Mary; be friends with someone who cheated on her, even if I still wanted to be friends with him. Mary had always been there for me and it wouldn't be fair if I wasn't there for her after everything that happened.

From now on, I vowed I wouldn't get caught up with Laughlin. Mary was my best friend and I didn't want to hurt her.

"Okay," I said with a sigh. "I promise I won't be friends with him anymore."

Mary smiled. "Thank you. I don't mind you talking with him, you know if you're talking about school and stuff, but I don't want you hanging out with him after school or anything."

I nodded. "I guess I'll do that."

Mary's cell phone buzzed and she looked at the screen. "I, um, have to go to the, uh, library."

I raised an eyebrow. "The library? I thought you hate reading."

"I do," Mary said. "But my English is having a novel study so I have to pick up a book. Sucks, but whatevs."

"Okay, want me to come?" I asked.

Mary shook her head a bit too quickly. "No no. I'll probably take a while and I don't want you to possibly be late to class. But I'll see you in algebra, 'kay?" She took off in quite some hurry.

I found her actions a bit odd. First off, she seemed oddly fine with her breakup. Second, she was going to the library. The library. She hated going in there, even if she had to go there for school. However, I left it alone, thinking that Mary was coping with the breakup in her own way.

Seeing as class was about to start soon, I went to my locker and grabbed my notebook for my first class; history. I didn't have that class with Mary, but I had it with Laughlin. It was going to be quite challenging for me not to be friends with him, but I promised Mary. I had to try.

Surprisingly, Laughlin wasn't even in class today. Not that he was always there, but even when he was angry over something, he still showed up. However, I couldn't text him to see where he was because of my promise to Mary.

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