Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

       "What are you talking about?" Laughlin asked. "Grandma, what happened?"

       We noticed a man with a briefcase sitting on the couch. He stood up and Lisa introduced him. "This is Darren," Lisa said. "He'll be representing you in court tomorrow. I've been meeting with him for the past couple weeks."

       "Court?" Laughlin repeated. "What are you....What happened? You've never been this angry before."

       Lisa scowled as she talked. "Your mother turns out to be an alcoholic. She showed up here looking for you, but you were at the fight. She was intoxicated and one of your brothers got hurt."

       Laughlin's confused look turned to anger. "What? How did he get hurt?!"

       "Your mother threw a glass bottle at Munro," Lisa said, her voice seething with anger. "He got cuts all over his body, except for his face because he was able to cover it in time. Your grandfather took him to the hospital."

       My eyes widened hearing the news. Munro was in the hospital because of his mom?

       Hold on a second.... "Grandfather?" I asked. He didn't live with Lisa so I just assumed he passed away.

       "I'll explain later," Laughlin said. "So Munro is in the hospital? Is he okay? What about Nick?"

       "Nick is shooken up," Lisa said. "He saw it happen and Fifi started yelling at him saying some hurtful things to an eight year old. He's with your grandfather. Munro is okay, but he lost some blood. He'll be out soon."

       "Why didn't you call me when it happened?" Laughlin asked. "I don't care if I was at the tournament. My brothers are more important than that. It's why I'm getting their custody, remember?"

       Lisa sighed and nodded. "I know. I should have but my mind wasn't thinking straight. The only thing we can do know is talk about gaining custody. Elliot, you can stay for support."

       I nodded as both Laughlin and I sat on the couch, as did Darren and Lisa. "I filed a request for a court date on your birthday," Lisa said. "We're going tomorrow and we need to prepare. Sorry I'm telling you the day before. I never expected it to get in so fast."

       "First thing first," Darren said. "The court will see if your parents are unfit to raise your brothers. After today's incident, they may deem them unfit. You will then have to prove that you can raise them. Do you have a job?"

       Laughlin nodded. "I'm a trainer at Matlin Gym."

       "Do you think your boss will get a good word in?" Darren asked.

       I smiled. "He definitely will. Laughlin is his favorite employee by far."

       "Great," Darren said. "But, it may be more difficult to gain custody as you're still in school."

       "I agree," Lisa said, "but there were many days where Laughlin took his brothers to school, picked them up, and watched them while I was working. And he's doing fairly well in school."

       "That could help, especially if they're still living here," Darren said. He then turned to face me. "Elliot, right?" I nodded. "And you're Laughlin's girlfriend?" Another nod. "You may have to give a statement in court defending Laughlin. I presume you've seen the way he treats his brothers?"

       "All the time," I said. "He should have custody by the way he treats them. I'll definitely be in court tomorrow. I might be able to get my dad to come as well. He's Laughlin's boss."

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