Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

        Things were changing. I knew it from the simple words that were said. Three simple words that I knew were going to change everything. I never suspected it, I never thought about it. So when those three words were uttered, I had a hard time believing it.

        We broke up.

        Three simple words changed my life, my world. My everything.


        "Elliot!" Dad called from the staff room. He walked out, carrying a large pile of freshly-washed towels. He set the pile down right in front of me, causing me to get a whiff of the citrus laundry detergent used to wash it. "Can you fold these for me? I have to finish training someone before we lock up."

        "Sure," I said, kneeling down in front of the pile. I grabbed one of the towels and started folding them.

        "Thank you," he said with a smile before heading to the training room. I didn't take me long to fold the towels as I had folded them everyday since I started working at the gym my dad worked out. I didn't train anyone since most of the members were more trained than I, but I helped clean up and organize the place, as well as assist my dad with the finance.

        After I finished folding the towels, I neatly stacked them on the shelves between the staff room and the boxing room. As I was doing so, I heard cries of anger while a punching bag was being hit repeatedly. I knew who was in the boxing room, and I contemplated either leaving him alone or check to see if he was okay.

        Since I finished stacking the towels and I had nothing else to do, I decided to go check up on friend. He seemed angry and my guess was that he was still upset about his recent loss. He was serious about boxing and losing always took a toll on him.

       When I walked into the boxing room, Laughlin Wilde had his head resting against one of the punching bags, looking exhausted and a bit hurt. Sweat was dripping down from his curly brown hair as he panted, his eyes closed.

       "Laughlin?" I asked. "Are you okay?"

       "Just dandy," he said sarcastically, moving away from the punching bag as he took of his boxing gloves and threw them on the floor. He sat on the bench, wiping his face with the towel sitting beside him.

       "Are you still upset because of yesterday?" I asked.

       Laughlin put his face in his hands and nodded. "Yes, because of yesterday, but not because of the fight." He looked at me, curiosity written across his face. "Have you talked to Mary recently?"

       "Not since before your fight, why?" I asked, going towards the mini-fridge near the door and grabbing a water bottle. I tossed it to Laughlin, who caught it flawlessly.

       He opened the bottle and chugged more than half of the water. "Maybe you should ask her what's going on," he said in a cold voice. Something told me that things weren't that good between him and his girlfriend.

       I sat down beside him. "Is everything okay between the two of you? I've never seen you this tense before, even after fights that you lost."

       Laughlin didn't answer as he began to pack up his things. He did it in quite an angrily way, throwing his boxing gloves in his bag and zipping his bag up as if his bag was his number one enemy. He got up from the bench and was about to walk out of the room. Before doing so, he turned to me. "We broke up."

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