Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Somehow, in some way, Laughlin and I slept on the couch together. Literally slept, nothing else. I woke up, feeling a strong arm wrapped around my waist. I slowly opened my eyes, seeing that Laughlin was underneath me, his other arm resting over his eyes. Honestly, I felt comfortable with his arm around me, so I closed my eyes again to push the remainder of exhaustion out of my body.

My guess was Laughlin was still asleep, judging by his quiet snores, which were adorable in my opinion. They were soft and quiet.

I heard a door opinion and part of me hoped it wasn't Lisa. I didn't know what she would think if she saw Laughlin and I like this, though I didn't think there was nothing wrong with it.

The small footsteps coming closer told me it wasn't Lisa, but most likely Nick. The footsteps came closer before it stopped right by the couch. "Laughlin," Nick said in a whisper. Laughlin groaned, shifting a bit but not losing his grip from around my waist. "Laughlin," his brother said a bit louder.

"What?" he muttered, followed by a yawn.

"Why are you sleeping on the couch with Elliot?" he asked.

"I dunno," Laughlin said.

"Can you make me breakfast?" Nick asked.

Laughlin released a long sigh before agreeing. "Fine. Give me a minute." Nick's footsteps quickly went away, in the direction of the kitchen. "Elliot? You awake?"

"If I say 'No', would you let me sleep more?" I asked hopefully.

"I got to get up," Laughlin said.

I opened my eyes and looked down at him. "How did you get under me?"

Laughlin snorted and shook his head. "How did you get on top of me?"

The two of us sat up, and I leaned back into the couch, still feeling tired. "Fair point."

Laughlin got up from the couch and made his way to the kitchen as I laid back down on the couch. I was way too tired to attempt getting up now, so I closed my eyes and tried falling back asleep. I must have succeeded because the next thing I knew, the rest of Laughlin's family was sitting in the living room as the ate.

I sat up and Laughlin handed me a plate of scrambled eggs and toast. I thanked him as I began eating.

"So," Lisa said with a smile. "I have a surprise for the four of you. One of my coworkers gave me four free passes for laser tag."

"Laser tag?" Munro asked, the smile on his face the biggest I had ever seen. "Awesome!"

Lisa's smile grew bigger at her grandson's enthusiasm. "They expire tomorrow, though, so you'll have to go today."

Laughlin got up and walked over to his grandma, taking her empty plate. "Thank you," he said before walking into the kitchen to drop the plates off.

After everyone was done eating, we got dressed before heading off to play laser tag. It was a little bit before noon, which was perfect timing because Laughlin said we would go out for lunch afterwards.

When we arrived to the laser tag, there were a few more people who wanted to play. And I couldn't believe my eyes once I saw them.

Mary and Jerry. They were standing in the line together, talking about something. They never hung out outside of school, so why were they starting now?

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