Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

I was really shocked to hear that Laughlin and Jerry would be going against each other in the semi-finals. I thought they would have placed them up only in the finals because that would bring in so many spectators. But now, only one of them would make it to the finals.

Laughlin, though I told him not to, was training every moment he got. After school, he went straight to the gym. As soon as he got off his shift, he practiced boxing. It was going to hurt him a lot more.

While I was on my shift at the gym the day before the semis, Mary walked into the gym. I was honestly quite surprised to see her here, seeing as she detests the smell. She was constantly gagging whenever she was in there.

"What are you doing here?" I asked with furrowed eyebrows.

"I found out why they matched up Laughlin and Jerry for the semis," Mary said. "I heard it through a couple other people, but they all told me the same. The previous match didn't go well for Laughlin since he was injured. He was close to not moving on. They think he won't make it to the finals and everyone really wants to see him and Jerry fight."

"So they matched them up just in case Laughlin wouldn't move on," I finished. "But since one of them is moving on, barely anyone would go to the finals. If Jerry moves on, he will obviously win since he's the best. And if Laughlin moves on, he should win as well. It will be too predictable."

"Don't worry, I also think it's a stupid move," Mary said. "So where's Laughlin? I figured I'd tell him about the truth behind the semis."

I gestured towards the boxing room. "He's been in there for so long. I tried talking some sense into him, but you know how stubborn he is."

"Got it," Mary said before going to the boxing room.

My eyes wandered to the training room. I knew Jerry was being trained right now and I really wanted to see how he was doing. Maybe there was some way.

I began picking up some of the foul-smelling towels around the gym. The I walked to the training room, slowly opening it. Dad was in the middle of the room, wearing focus mitts as Jerry punched them repeatedly. They both noticed me, stopping what they were doing.

"Don't mind me," I said. "Just....picking up some towels for the wash."

"It's fine," Dad said. "I say it's time to call it a day anyway. I need to do paperwork. Good luck tomorrow, Jerry." Darn, so I couldn't watch them train.

"Thanks," Jerry said before my dad left.

I still had to follow my reason for being in there, so I picked up the towels in the room, trying to ignore Jerry.

"Elliot?" Jerry asked suddenly. "How's Laughlin doing?"

I turned towards him, eyebrow raised. "You want me to tell you, the person he's going against, how my boyfriend is doing?"

"Not training wise," Jerry said. "I mean physically wise. I know he was in the hospital for a while and that his ribs are still healing. So, how is he?"

"Why do you care?" I asked. "You hate him, don't you?"

"It may seem that way...."

"No, I thought it was that way," I said. "You know, by the times you get into fights with him or beat him so badly he goes unconscious when he gets home. Speaking of Laughlin, I'm going to check up on him."

I walked passed him, but four words from him stopped me from walking out. For simple words that when put together, made me stop in my tracks. "I'm throwing the match," he said.

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