Chapter 3

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The picture is of Mary.

Chapter 3

       I hated going to school so much recently. Not that I liked going to school before, but the recent events that happened made me hate it even more. Mary didn't want me being friends with Laughlin, and Laughlin still trying being friends with me. Not to mention he seemed very angry whenever Mary was nearby. For some reason, it was like Mary and Laughlin reversed roles over their breakup. Mary seemed fine and she was cheated on, yet Laughlin was extremely angry and he was the one who cheated.

       "So," Mary said at lunch time. We were sitting at a table, just the two of us. It hadn't happened for a long time. Before, Mary always sat with Laughlin but a couple weeks ago, she never showed up in the cafeteria at lunch so I sat with Laughlin most of the time. "Jerry's next match is tonight. Are you going?"

       "Yeah, if someone will go with me," I said. "You know how my dad doesn't let me go alone. How did you know that he has a match tonight?"

       "I know when all the matches are," she replied. "I'll go with you, if you want."

       I smiled. "Really? That'd be great."

       "Have you talked to Laughlin recently?" Mary asked.

       I furrowed my eyebrows. "Why do you keep asking that? You don't want me being friends with him, yet you keep asking if I talked to him."

       "I'm just making sure," she said.

       I sighed and shook my head. I hated that she was constantly asking me if I talked to Laughlin. Almost everyday, she asked the same stupid question. "Do you not trust me?" I asked. Before she answered, I continued, "I made a promise to you, Mary. When had I ever broken my promise to you?"

       Frustrated, I grabbed my bag that was sitting down beside me and left the cafeteria. I may have been a bit too dramatic, but I was sick and tired of Mary constantly not trusting me over the promises I made. Never had I ever broke a promise made to her, yet she was always asking about it.

       Lunch was going to be over in a few minutes, so I decided to go to my locker to get ready for my next class. While I was doing so, someone walked up to me. "Elliot," Jerry said. I turned to him; he was leaning on the locker beside mine.

       "Hi," I said with a smile. "Are you excited for your match tonight?"

       "Very excited," he replied, returning the smile. "I have a good feeling I'm going to win again, especially after I creamed Wilde in my last matched."

       "I wouldn't necessarily say you creamed him," I objected. As much as I liked Jerry, I was impartial when I watched boxing matches. "It seemed like a close match."

       Jerry's smile instantly faded. "Wow, you sure know how to kill someone's confidence."

       "I'm just saying," I said. "If you think that you creamed him, you might be a bit overconfident about the match."

       "I'm not overconfident," Jerry snapped. "Elliot, I've been the top boxer in this city for a few years now. I'm pretty sure I'd know if or not I creamed someone in a match and I know for a fact that I creamed Wilde."

       I furrowed my eyebrows, honestly feeling a bit upset. Jerry had never acted this way before. He was normally a sweet guy who wasn't so competitive or snappy.

       Jerry must have seen how upset I must have looked because he sighed. "I'm sorry for snapping, Elliot," he said. "It's just that boxing is my life and I hate it when my matches end up being a close match."

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