Chapter 40 | Final Chapter

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Chapter 40

This was it. It was the day of the semi-finals, the day where only one of the two best boxers would be moving on. It was either going to be Laughlin Wilde or Jerry Winston.

The boxing arena was packed. It was the fight everyone dreamed of watching ever since those two men -as they called themselves- started boxing. I still remembered when fifteen year old Jerry Winston took the championship two years ago. Fifteen. He even beat twenty year olds.

I still didn't know how the match was going to turn out. Jerry told both me and Laughlin that he was going to throw the match, but Laughlin wanted a fair fight. It was going to be an interesting match.

I wasn't sure if Laughlin was going to be able to concentrate, however. After the incident that happened yesterday, even I had a hard time keeping focus. His mom was arrested right in front of us. Thought it was probably a good thing because she would no longer bother us, but I couldn't get it out of my head.

Dad was at the match today because it was the person he was training against his daughter's boyfriend. I knew he was going to be rooting for Jerry because it was a trainer thing to do, but I was secretly hoping he would cheer for Laughlin.

The moment Laughlin was announced, my heart began beating faster. And when Jerry's name was announced, it beat faster. I was so anxious to see the match. I really hoped Laughlin would win.

As soon as the match started, I knew immediately who was going to win. For years, I had been watching Jerry box and I could tell when he was going all out.

He wasn't.

He was throwing the match.

"What on earth is Jerry doing?" Dad asked, looking as if he was trying to figure out what his trainee was doing.

I guessed it wasn't as obvious to everyone else.

"He's throwing the match," I muttered, shaking my head. He was serious when he told me, but after Laughlin asked for a fair fight, he said he would give one.

"What?" Dad asked. "Why would he be doing that? He's been training for this and his championship is on the line."

"Money," I said. "He doesn't need it and Laughlin does." I faced my dad. "He's throwing it for Laughlin."

I turned back to the ring, sighing. Laughlin, thought he would be happy to move on, I knew he was going to be upset. He wanted that fair fight. He didn't want to match to be handed to him on a plate.

When the third round ended, I walked to Laughlin's ring corner. "How are you holding up?" I asked.

"Just great," Laughlin said sarcastically. "He's throwing the match and I told him to give me a fair match. He told me he would give me one."

"At least you'll move on," I tried, but I knew it wasn't going to do any good.

"Ellie, I want to win fair and square," Laughlin said. "I want a freaking fair fight."

"Just keep fighting," I said, going on my tiptoes and pressing my lips to his before walking to Jerry's corner. "Hey. You need to fight fairly."

"I can't," Jerry told me. "Not after what he's going through. He needs the money and I'm pretty sure you know that."

"Why are you doing this?" I asked. "You hated him, like, two days ago and suddenly, you're risking on throwing away your championship just because he needs money?"

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