Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

We were back from the camping trip, my ankle was healed, and everything was going great.

Who was I kidding? Everything went horribly wrong the Friday after the camping trip.

The day was a normal day with Mary constantly glaring and me and me feeling a bit upset that she was mad at me. I decided to be the bigger person and try to make things right between us, so I walked up to her locker after school. As soon as she saw me, she scoffed. "What do you want?" she asked.

"I want to know why you're still mad at me," I said. "You're my best friend, Mary, yet you've been so made at me and I don't even know why."

"I've told you why," she said. "My best friend and ex-boyfriend has been showing so much affection towards each other and don't deny it this time. You two hug constantly, he brushes your hair out of your face, and there's a lot more."

I couldn't deny it because it was true. Lately, Laughlin and I had been showing affection towards each other, but I didn't even know if it meant anything to Laughlin.

"I'm sorry, Mary," I said. "I miss having you as a best friend. I miss hanging out, just the two of us, like we used to."

"Do you have feelings for Laughlin?" Mary asked suddenly, ignoring what I had just said.

I didn't want to tell her that I did because that would make her hate me even more. So I answered in a way that wasn't full answering. "You know I would do nothing to hurt you," I said. "At least not on purpose. I've been trying to tell you that the reason I hang out with Laughlin is because he's been needing my help to take care of his brothers."

Mary took a long sigh before closing her locker to fully face me. "I'll tell you what," she said. "I'll forgive you if you promise not to pursue a relationship with Laughlin."

"Deal," I said since that was something I already promised with myself. As much as I liked Laughlin, I couldn't date him.

Hopefully Mary would allow me to sometime in the future if she saw how much he meant to me.

"So, want to hang out today?" she asked with a hopeful look.

I sighed and shook my head. "I can't. I already have plans." I was hoping she wouldn't ask what my plans were because I didn't want to tell her that I was going to hang out with Laughlin.

"That's fine," she said, luckily not asking what the plans were. "I should be heading straight home anyway. My parents haven't exactly been happy with me lately." She rolled her eyes in annoyance. "I'll see you Monday."

As she walked in the direction of the entrance of the school, I headed to Laughlin's locker. He picked me up this morning since he wanted us to hang out after school and he said there was no point of us using two cars for what he had in mind.

"What took you so long?" he asked. "We were both in health class but when I turned around to talk to you when the bell rang, you were gone."

"Sorry," I said. "I just had to talk to someone."

"As long as you didn't forgot about today," he said, throwing his arm around my shoulder as we walked towards the entrance doors. "Trust me, I have an awesome day planned out. It's sort of a thanks for coming on the camping trip and being able to put up with my family."

This was another thing Laughlin was constantly doing; keeping his arm around my shoulder while we walked places. No wonder Mary was getting suspicious of me having feelings for Laughlin.

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