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This is the day before the first chapter



      I lost. Again. I was always losing in boxing matches against Jerry. I was just as strong as he was, but because he had private lessons with the owner of the best gym in the city.

      While everyone congratulated Jerry, I sat at the edge of the ring, my head in my hands. Failure. I was a complete failure.

      "Laughlin, don't be upset," I heard Elliot say. "You tried your best."

      "My best?" I asked, looking up at her. "Obviously my best wasn't good enough to beat Jerry. I can never beat him."

      "You'll beat him eventually," Elliot assured, resting a hand on my shoulder. Her touch was all I needed to feel a bit better. I had been feeling so guilty for falling for her because my girlfriend was her best friend, but I couldn't help it. I was madly in love with Elliot and nothing could change that. "Just keep practicing."

      "You did pretty good," Elliot's cousin, Grayson offered. I met him a few times. "Most of the time, it looked like an even match."

      "Thanks, Grayson," I said, but then my eye landed on his arm, which was put in a sling. "It's nice o see you again, but uh, what happened to your arm?"

      "I got shot," Grayson replied casually. Whoa, shot?! "I was a really awesome and decided to jump in front of a bullet."

      I raised an eyebrow. He jumped in front of a bullet? "And why would you do that?"

      "To save my girlfriend's life," Grayson said, wrapping his arm around a brown-haired girl standing beside him. "This is my girlfriend, Poppy. Poppy, you probably figured out that this was Laughlin."

      I couldn't help but notice the way Grayson was looking at Poppy. He looked exactly the same way I felt about Elliot. I still hated that I was in love with her. I mean, she was an amazing girl and I never felt close to anyone like I felt with her, but she was my girlfriend's best friend. I couldn't hurt Mary, even if I didn't like her anymore.

      "Hi," Poppy said. "Like Grayson said, you did pretty good in the match. I thought it was a close match."

      "Thanks," I said. "Well, I should be heading home. Don't want to stick around and watch Jerry rub it in." I got up and gave Elliot a hug before heading to the change room. After getting changed, I decided to go visit Mary. She told me she was feeling sick and couldn't make it to the match, so I wanted to make sure she was okay.

      When I got to her house, I walked in without knocking, something I normally did when Mary's parents were out of time, which was quite often. "Mary?!" I called, walking towards the living room. "I thought you could use some...." I didn't even finish my sentence. I couldn't finish it after what I was seeing.

      Mary, my girlfriend, was making out with Jerry, my enemy.


      Mary quickly pulled away and looked at me. "Laughlin!" she said quickly, getting off of Jerry. "This isn't what it looks like!"

      Without another word, I turned around and walked straight out of the house. I heard Mary following me, calling my name, but I didn't turn around until I was outside. "How could you, Mary?" I asked. "With Jerry?"

      "I can explain," Mary said.

      "Explain what?" I asked. "If you didn't like me anymore, you could have just told me."

      "And how would you react if I broke up with you, only to get together with Jerry?" Mary asked. "You don't exactly have a history of being completely rational."

      "Cheating on me is worse than that!" I said. "You know the worst part? If you just told me, I wouldn't have been mad. I stopped having feelings for you, but I couldn't bring myself to break up with you. So thank you, for showing me how much you truly cared for me. Do me a favor and don't ever talk to me again."

      I turned around to walk away, but stopped in my tracks at what Mary said next. "Fine, I won't. And neither will Elliot!"

      I looked at her, eyebrows furrowed. "What the hell does Elliot have to do with this?"

      "Nothing," Mary said. "Except that she was my friend first. There's no way she would associate with my ex-boyfriend."

      "Think what you want," I said. "Elliot is her own person. Let her make her own choices." I left this time, not wanting to hear anything else she said.


Poor Laughlin. ): Luckily in the end, Mary actually supports Laughlin and Elliot. She just had to see how they truly feel about each other.

The next bonus chapter is a cute one. :)

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