Chapter 31

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Grayson makes an appearance and just to clear things up, this is before Senior Year with My Protector so if any of you are reading that, everything that happened never happened yet in this book. If that made any sense. cx

Chapter 31

       Laughlin made it through yet another round of the boxing with no problem whatsoever. Jerry also made it through, unfortunately. To make things worse, he was constantly trying to pick a fight with Laughlin. Surprisingly, Laughlin kept his cool. He was really getting his anger out of control.

       "How are your brothers?" I asked Laughlin as we walked to his house from the ice cream shop.

       "Great," Laughlin said. "Munro has been very mature recently. I think he finally realized that getting me angry is just not worth it."

       "That's good," I said. "I'm glad everything is working out for you."

       Laughlin smiled. "Yeah, same here. After everything that happened, I'm happy everything is turning out right."

       Suddenly, my cell phone buzzed, so I pulled it out of my pocket, my eyes widening at my text. "Crap, I was supposed to be home half an hour ago for a family dinner," I said. "I need to go."

       "Fine, fine," Laughlin said. "I'm still going to take my time going home. You don't mind, right?"

       I shook my head, pressing my lips to his cheek before hurrying to his house where my car was. Dad wasn't that happy when I pulled into the driveway of our house. "Elliot Audrey Matlin," he said sternly, his arms crossed over his chest. "You were supposed to be home over half an hour ago."

       "Sorry," I apologized as I got out of the car. "I was with Laughlin."

       Dad sighed. "When aren't you with him?"

       Dad's sister, my aunt Gertrude, walked up behind Dad and patted his shoulder. "Go easy on her," she said. "At least she's here before my son. I have no clue where that kid is."

       As if it was on cue, Grayson pulled his car into the driveway. "I'm not late, I swear," he said. "Everyone is just early?"

       "Couldn't keep your hands off Poppy?" I asked, knowing he was probably with his girlfriend.

       "Not my hands, Elliot," Grayson corrected, walking passed my dad and his mom to go inside. I rolled my eyes and went inside as well. Dinner was already ready considering it was supposed to start half an hour ago.

       The five of us -Ginny included- sat down at the dining room table, enjoying the dinner my dad made. He was an excellent cook but he only made gourmet meals for special days or for family dinners with my cousins.

       "So, Elliot," aunt Gertrude said. "Has anything changed from the last time we talked?"

       The last time we talked was during the family picnic we had a while ago. "Uh, let me think...." I replayed all the events that happened after that picnic in my mind.

       "Boyfriend," Grayson said within a cough. 

       "I know," I replied, mocking his cough. "Well, aunt Gertrude, I have a boyfriend now."

       Dad snorted. "Yes, one that can't keep his hands to himself and keeps sneaking off to the staff room with my daughter."

       "Dad, don't be silly," I said. "Like someone once said, it's not sneaking off if we're on a break."

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