Epilogue II

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This epilogue takes place three years after the first epilogue, and five years after the last chapter, which is why this says five years later.

Epilogue II

Five years later....

       "Remind me why I'm coming with you," I said to Laughlin as he pulled into the parking lot of the high school.

       "Because we're in this together," Laughlin said, pulling into a parking space. "The principal needs to talk to me so I figured, why not bring my beautiful wife with me?"

       I rolled my eyes. "But I need to rest. I hate being out of the apartment."

       "Come on, Ellie, you're pregnant, not injured," Laughlin said as he turned off the car. "You did not act this way with our first child."

       I unbuckled the seatbelt with another eye roll. "Everything is different with each child."

       Laughlin and I got out of the car, which was a somewhat struggle for me. I had a few weeks left to go with the pregnancy and I couldn't wait until he was born.

       Laughlin opened the door to the backseat. "Alright, Lizzie. Time to get out."

       "Yay!" Elizabeth said as Laughlin took her out of the carseat.

       Once the car was locked, Laughlin and I went in the school and straight to the office. As soon as we walked in, I knew exactly why the principal wanted to speak with Laughlin.

       "Great," Munro muttered once he saw us. He slouched further in his seat, his arms crossed. "Just great. They had to call you."

       "It's so nice to see you too, Munro," Laughlin said. "What did you do this time?"

       "Nothing," Munro said. "So you can leave and I can go back to class."

       "Funny," Laughlin said. "Ellie and I need to go talk to the principal, so can you please watch your niece so she won't distract us?"

       "Whatever," Munro nodded, so Laughlin put Elizabeth down and she hurried to Munro. She loved him a whole lot and even though Munro was grumpy a lot, I knew he loved his niece.

       The principal, Delaney, walked out of her office. "Thank you for coming, Laughlin and Elliot. There has to be a serious discussion about Munro." She gestured towards her office, allowing Laughlin and I to step in before she did. She closed the door behind her and sat down at her desk.

       Laughlin helped me sit down as he stood behind me. "So what did Munro do this time?" Laughlin asked.

       Delaney sighed. "Munro thought it would be fun to release a few scorpions, luckily not the venomous kind, in the science lab to get out of a test."

       Laughlin sighed. "I'm really sorry that he's acting this way. I don't know what's up with him."

       I looked up at Laughlin. "You were like him at his age."

       "Ellie, I wasn't as bad as he is," Laughlin pointed out. "The worst thing I did was get into fights and he's doing exactly that, but a lot more."

       "We tried suggesting counselling, but he's refusing," Delaney said. "He doesn't want help and quite frankly, detention isn't helping. He even has his name carved into a desk there."

       "There has to be some way to keep him out of trouble," I said. "If detention isn't enough, then what is?"

       "The school is putting on an original play," Delaney said. "I suggest putting him on the committee, whether it be the cast or set. Rehearsals and set building should keep him busy for a while and maybe, it will change his attitude."

       "Putting Munro in the play?" Laughlin asked. "You know what? I think that's a great idea. I'll be the one to tell him, though. I'd rather have him lash out at me than a faculty member."

       Delaney nodded in agreement. "Of course. The first meeting is tomorrow after school. Thank you for coming in. And good luck with your second child."

       I smiled at her as Laughlin helped me up. "Thanks," I said.

       Laughlin and I left the office and went back to Munro, who was playing a game on his phone with Elizabeth sitting on his lap. Munro glanced up and turned off his phone, setting Elizabeth on the ground. She ran to Laughlin, begging for her daddy to pick her up, so he did.

       "Let me guess," Munro said. "I'm suspended, or even better, expelled?"

       "Yeah, you're not getting off that easily," Laughlin said. "As your punishment for releasing scorpions in the science lab, you will be joining the original play your school is putting on."

       "What?!" Munro exclaimed, shooting up from the seat. "You can't force me to be in a play!"

       "You might not," Laughlin said. "You're either being part of the cast, or the set builders. And you are not getting out of this. Not after the attitude you've been having. The first meeting is tomorrow after school. Get to class now."

       Munro scoffed, grabbing his bag and storming out of the office.

       "He really needs to clean up his act," I said.

       "Yeah," Laughlin agreed. "I hope he does."


Now the book is officially done. Not including the sequel, of course, which is about Munro and his wonderful journey as a rebellious teen. The sequel won't be up for a while because I have to think of the title and make the cover, so I'll be working on Senior Year with My Protector for a bit.

Now that the epilogues are finished, I want to thank everyone who read the story, voted, and gave me comments! I love it when I go on Wattpad and see that someone voted for a chapter! It really brightens my day!

I'll create an update post when the sequel is up so if you're interested on reading it, you'll be able to find it. (:


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