Random Facts

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Random Facts

1. Laughlin wasn't supposed to have two younger brothers. Instead, he had a five year old sister named Lacy. However, after watching a movie where someone had a little brother that made me fall in love, I added Munro and Nick and took out Lacy, especially since I realized Lacy was five, meaning she was a newborn when he mom left. Luckily I did, because I love Munro right now in Troubled One. (:

2. Jerry was supposed to attempt to get close to Elliot once he saw that Laughlin was really close with her.

3. Laughlin wasn't going to be Mary's ex-boyfriend and Elliot's friend. He was actually the boxer at the school that ended up crossing roads with Elliot. But I wanted Laughlin to already to be in love with Elliot, so I changed it.

4. I planned Laughlin and Elliot's first kiss three ways. The first way was where Elliot brought up Laughlin cheating on Mary, which he denied. Elliot called Mary (Laughlin and Elliot were trapped somewhere during a storm, by the way) and was able to confirm that Mary was lying. Laughlin then asked Elliot if it would bother her if he kissed her, to which she replied, 'No'. The second way was when Elliot and Laughlin were trapped in Matlin Gym during a storm because the power went out so the lock on the door enabled. They got in a heated argument, saying stuff like 'Try having your best friend lie to you' or 'try having your parents leave.' Laughlin then, accidentally, said, "Try being in love with your ex-girlfriend's best friend." The power went back on, so Laughlin went outside to leave, but Elliot followed. She admitted she was in love with him as well and voila, the kiss. And the third was the spontaneous kiss they shared in the book, the one that actually made the cut.

5. Steve, Laughlin's grandfather, was never a planned character.

6. Jerry was supposed to have a motorcycle that all the girls love. I never mention it because honestly, I forgot. cx

7. After Laughlin got mad at Elliot after their first kiss, he was going to forgive her when she went to apologize, but he didn't because I wanted to show that Mary accepted their relationship. And because once Laughlin is angry, he's angry.

8. Nick was supposed to be deathly afraid of thunderstorms.

9. Before I wrote the first kiss and had planned that Mary was still angry at the two, there was going to be a time where Mary kissed Laughlin when he was dating Elliot and have Elliot witness it, but I decided against it because Mary realized that Elliot has never been happier than when she's with Laughlin.

10. Elliot was going to like Jerry longer than I actually made her.

There's the random facts I felt like posting. cx I'm about to change the book status so it's not completed, since I'm going to be posting a lot of bonus chapters and other things. (:

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