Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

       "What?" I asked my dad. "You're going out of town for a week?"

       Dad nodded. "There's a family situation and I'm needed there."

       "A family situation?" I asked. "Aren't I family? Why can't I go?"

       "You still need to go to school," Dad said, making me sigh. A vacation was what I really needed, but I knew I wouldn't have been able to convince my dad otherwise, especially because I had to skip school a few days ago to look for my friend's little brother. Dad wasn't that happy when he found out about it, but after he heard how Munro was almost hurt and I got there just in time, he decided to forget about it. I was happy he let me explain as oppose to just grounding me.

       "So I'm going to be home alone?" I asked. He knew I hated being home alone. Most people like it, but I normally get paranoid, even more when I was home alone at night.

       Dad shook his head. "I was thinking you could stay at Mary's house."

       I sighed once again, knowing it wasn't going to be an option. She was even more furious when she found out I skipped school to 'be with Laughlin'. Again, I tried explaining that his brother was missing, but she wouldn't listen. "Dad, she's not exactly talking to me at the moment," I told her. "She doesn't want me hanging out with Laughlin, but I can't help it. He's a great friend."

       "Is there any other house you can stay at?" Dad asked.

       "No," I replied. "My only other friend is Laughlin."

       Dad raised an eyebrow. "And why can't you stay at his house?"

       I didn't really think about it. I just assumed my dad wouldn't let me because Laughlin was a boy, though we had no romantic feelings for each other. And staying at Laughlin's house wouldn't improve my friendship with Mary. Then again, she was the one who wasn't letting me explain anything. She was the one overreacting about everything.

       "You'll let me stay at his house?" I asked.

       "That's if his parents are fine with it," Dad said before heading upstairs to pack. Yeah, he told me the day he was leaving that he was going to be gone for a week. Apparently, he was needed by our out of town family immediately.

       I didn't bother telling Dad that Laughlin was living with his grandma, not his parents. I pulled out my cell phone and dialed my friend's phone number. "Hello?" Laughlin answered.

       "Laughlin, hey," I said. "I kind of need a favor."

       "Name it," Laughlin said.

       "Well, my dad is going out of town for a week and I need a place to stay," I told him. "My dad and I both don't want me to stay alone and Mary's currently mad at....."

       "Elliot," Laughlin interrupted. "Just wait for a moment. I'll go ask my grandma if you can stay." I waited for a few minutes before Laughlin finally got back on the phone. "Yeah, she's fine with it. When is your dad leaving?"

       "A few hours," I said.

       "Okay, you can come over whenever," Laughlin said. "Just a heads up that we don't have an extra room so you'll have to sleep on the couch."

       I smiled. "I'm fine with that. Thank you so much, Laughlin. I'll see you soon, I guess."

       After we both hung up, I went upstairs to tell Dad that I was able to stay at Laughlin's house. I then went in my room to pack a week's worth of clothes and necessities. When I finished, I told Dad I was heading to Laughlin's. He gave me a hug and said he would call a few times to tell me how it was going.

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