Chapter 3

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“God! That was horrible…” I groaned as I leaned my head on Evan’s shoulder. We were finally making our way back to the apartment after another three hours of torturous shopping with Eva. Logan held my hand as we walked down the shopping strip and I honestly thought the day would never end. It would have been nice if I knew he wasn’t being forced to hold my hand, he’s not bad looking, not that that’s a good reason to get married to the guy.  

Evan chuckled as he lightly put his hands on my hips glancing at Logan every now and then. Logan was glaring; it was almost like he was jealous. But he doesn’t have anything to be jealous of… we finally got to the tenth floor so Evan and I started walking. “Evan can I talk to you please?” Logan asked stiffly. I cocked an eyebrow looking back at Logan. “Violet you can go back the room. We won’t be long.” He said.

I shrugged my shoulders thinking that Logan was gonna ask Evan something to do with his job or something like that. I sat on the couch for ten minutes waiting for them to come back so I could ask them what they wanted for dinner. Finally the door opened and Logan walked in alone. “Where’s Evan?” I asked immediately, he was the first person I thought about.

“I sent him home.” Logan answered bluntly and came over to the sit on the couch right next to me.

“Why?!” I demanded.

“Because I don’t like the way he acts around you …” He said rubbing the back of his neck like he had something to be nervous about.

“Why should you care? Evan is my friend! You spend every night at night clubs and bring home two or three girls at a time! If it weren’t for Evan I’d be cooped up here by myself!” I let all my bottled up emotions come out.

“You’re MY fiancé, Violet!”

“Yeah and you’re really good at this thing called a relationship!” I retorted, tears were stinging my eyes threatening to fall.

“This isn’t a relationship, it’s an arrangement! And that’s all it will ever be!” He yelled. Wow that hurt.

“Then why do you even care if I get cozy with Evan?!” I sniffed unable to control the tears that were pricking my eyes. It’s not like I was expecting him to commit to me but it would be nice if he showed me a bit of attention every now and then, and I’d rather it not be forced.

“Just stop hanging out with him.” Logan spat and walked out of the lounge room and slammed his bedroom door.

I pulled my knees up to my chin and sobbed. I wasn’t sulking … ok I was sulking. Why did Logan have to be such an ass? A few minutes later my phone buzzed indicating that I had a text message. I smiled when I realized that it was from Evan.


Sorry … got ejected lol I miss you already. Are you okay?

I was very quick to reply.

Come back!


I stared at my phone screen for a few minutes randomly pressing buttons waiting for a reply.

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