Sold to The Playboy With Two Girls on His arm

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New story! Yay! So I hope you like this I've never written anything like this but in most of my other stories I've been focusing on marriage and engagement so I figured I'd give it a go =] let me know if you like it. Leave a commnet/fan/vote! I'd really appreciate it!

Tash xx


I’m getting married. Every girl wants to say this when they get older. They want to jump around in circles and celebrate; they can’t wait to spill the beans about their big news. I on the other hand don’t give a damn that I’m getting married.

I’m arranged to be married to this dude called Logan. I’ve met him once or twice and I guess he’s alright. He’s good looking and everything but the two times I met him last year he had two bimbo’s hanging on his arms so I have a feeling my husband to be is … how do you say this delicately? A slut!

I honestly thought that I was from a well off family, we had a nice big house with a pool, my dad is a lawyer and my mom is a receptionist. I’ve always had nice things. I mean when I got my license my dad bought me a Mercedes. Sure, it was a used car but it was still nice. And still a Mercedes so I didn’t think much of it. I mean a first car shouldn’t be something that cost $100,000 like my best friend Lucy’s car did. But she’s a spoiled brat and she embraces it.

So as it turns out all these nice things that my family has had over the years was coming from the Manfred family, as payment for my hand in marriage to Logan Manfred … yay.

I’m Violet Billings and I’m about to get married to a jerk called Logan.

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