Chapter 2

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So the last few days have been quiet for me I mean I stay home the whole day while Logan does what he does which is only God knows what because when he comes home there’s always one or two girls on his arm. Evan doesn’t seem to be doing as much work as he was the first few days I was here so he’s over all the time keep my company, trying to keep my mind off what my life is going to be like for the rest of my life.

Lonely for one thing, Logan doesn’t come home until two or three in the morning and it’s not like I can do anything about it, he wants nothing to do with. Since the other night when he went off at Evan he hasn’t said anything to me.

“Hello?” I asked eagerly, my phone doesn’t ring very often anymore.

“Violet, this is Eva. Logan said that you were getting a little bored at the apartment so I thought we could go dress shopping.” Eva answered. Ah dress shopping with Logan’s mom, this will be fun.

“Sure. Do I have to meet you somewhere?” I asked.

“No don’t be silly dear, ask Evan to drive you.” She dismissed and I grinned. Woo a reason to spend time with my new friend. And only friend I guess.

“Of course, where will I ask him to take me?”

“The Plaza.” She answered and hung up.

Well that was a little rude she didn’t even say when, so I guess that means now. Woo a reason to get dressed! I walked to my walk in closet that I was in love with and picked out a pair of denim shorts and a blue tank top and slipped on a pair of ballet flats. I pulled my hair in to a pony tail and whipped out my iPhone as I grabbed my sunglasses of the table.

“Evan.” I cooed when he answered.

“What can I do for you, V?” he chuckled.

“Well, I’m going shopping with Logan’s mom and she told me to ask you to take me to the Plaza.” I answered as I propped my sunglasses on my head and walked out the door of the apartment and down the hall towards the elevator.

“Sure thing I was just on my way up to –“the phone went dead. I frowned as the doors opened and Evan was revealed. “See you.” He finished his sentence and closed his phone. “You look nice.” He smiled as he leaned forward grabbing my hand and pulled me in to the elevator.

“Aw thanks.” I blushed. This guy is amazing. I’d be stoked if I was arranged to marry him. “We’re you really coming to see me?” I asked curiously as he wrapped his big muscular arms around me in a tight friendly hug.

“Well yeah, Logan’s been doing his own thing. Trying to impress some girl so he doesn’t think he needs a driver.” Evan chuckled. I frowned. How come Logan is allowed to chase other girls but I can’t have dinner and wine with Evan? That hardly seems fair. “Relax he’s still trying to get his head around this whole arranged marriage thing.” He continued rubbing my arms. I felt shivers go up my spine and I involuntarily grinned like an idiot.

“It’s not fair.”

“I know. C’mon let’s get you to the Plaza.” He said as he took my hand and dragged me out of the elevator to underground parking lot of the apartment complex.

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