Chapter 7

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I was starting to get in to the kiss and went to close my and concentrate in kissing Logan when I realized that I was kissing Logan! I immediately opened my eyes and put my hands on Logan’s chest and pushed him off me. I took two steps back and looked at Logan curiously. How does he do it?

First he hates me, then he ‘rescues’ me from Evan, then he hates me again and now he’s kissing me? I’m thinking split personality disorder or something, this can’t be normal. He stared back at me with confusion. “What’s the matter?” He asked.

“Really? Logan do you even have to ask?” I look down at my feet, this is starting to really toy with me. I’m not sure if when he kissed me he meant it or if it was his mom playing ‘forceful match maker’. But then when he kissed me it was really sweet and gentle and- SHUT UP VIOLET! HE DOESN’T LIKE YOU! HE MADE THAT QUITE CLEAR LAST NIGHT WHEN HE TOLD YOU IT WAS JUST A DAMN ARRANGEMENT! HE SAID IT HIMSELF THAT’S ALL IT WILL EVER BE! HE’S TRYING TO GET IN TO YOUR PANTS! My head was screaming at me to lock myself away and stay away so I don’t get hurt but my heart and body couldn’t convince me that there wasn’t anything meant by that kiss. Ah!

While I was yelling at myself silently Logan had taken a few steps towards me and put his fingers under my chin to make me look at him. “I’m trying really hard Violet. I’m sorry.” He sighs and leans in again. This time I have the will power to put my hand in front of his face.

He looks up at me again still confused. “If you’re trying you won’t force this on me.” I croaked quietly. Logan nodded his head sullenly and back up a few spaces.

“I mean it Violet.” He said as he walked out of my bedroom and crossed the hall in to his own shutting the door quietly behind him. I huffed and stared at the door that Logan had just walked through. What the hell just happened? Did he really just kiss me? Am I imagining things?

I sighed and pushed myself off the door frame that I was leaning on and went over to my bed. I closed my eyes tried to clear my head of confusion and disappointment. I was interrupted by my phone buzzing. I sat up excitedly wondering who it was. Since I had left home I hadn’t been in contact with any of my friends, mainly because I didn’t want them to know that I was in an arranged marriage. I picked up my iPhone and looked at the screen and sighed with disappointment. It was Evan.

I opened the message anyway just to see what he had to say. What happened? Can I see you please? Explain everything? I don’t know what he told you but it’s not true. Xx-E.

I sighed wondering whether or not I should go and see him or not. My head was screaming at me that it was a trap but I sort of wanted to give him a chance, secretly hoping that what I had endured the other day was just a one time thing where Evan was just jealous of Logan. I bit my lip. As I tried to reason with myself I typed a message back. Where are you? I sat there staring at my phone for nearly ten minutes before I convinced myself that he wouldn’t try anything in public. I pressed send. I got an immediate reply.

In the lobby will you come down?

I bit my lip and replied. I’ll be down in ten minutes.

I slipped on a jacket and pulled my hair in to a pony tail and grabbed my phone and my keys. This was such a bad idea but I should at least give him a chance to explain himself, who knows maybe Logan’s jealousy got the best of him and he over exaggerated. “Where are you going?” Logan was standing in his doorway.

I bit my lip. “Evan messaged me.” I knew that if we were going to make this thing work I had to tell him everything so he trusted me.

“I’ll come with you.”

I nodded and I walked to the door where Logan grabbed his jacket and we walked down to the lift. The trip down to the lobby was silent and Logan stared at the door not glancing at me once. I wondered if he was upset or even angry that I had agreed after everything to go and see Evan. “Are you mad, Logan?” I squeaked quietly.

“No I just don’t want you to go alone.” He answered.

I nodded my head and took a deep breath as the lift doors opened and we walked out together. I spot Evan pacing back and forth at the front of the lobby. He was wearing black sweatpants and a grey wife beater that made his muscles stand out even more then they did in the suit I was used to seeing him in. When he saw me he instantly smiled and went to walk over to me but then he saw Logan step in front of me protectively and he stopped and scowled at his former boss. I gulped nervous as Logan and Evan stared each other. “I just wanted to see you, Violet.” Evan muttered glancing at me briefly before his eyes flashed back to Logan who hadn’t stopped staring at Evan since we stepped out of the lift.

“Tough luck.” Logan spat.

“Can I at least talk to her privately?” Evan asked hopefully. I nodded my head but Logan shook his head saying no. “And why the fuck not Logan?!” Anger flashed through his eyes and he glared at Logan hatefully and then glared at me. 

“We’ve been through this before Evan. Violet is my fiancé! You can’t talk to her; you can’t see her so just stop trying! I won’t let you hurt her like you did to Emily.” Emily? Who the heck is Emily?


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