Chapter 18

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Chapter 18


“Marry you?” I repeated as I stood there, frozen,  Logan on his knee looking up at me expectantly. I gulped; I hadn’t been expecting that. Make it official? What does that even mean? Logan nodded his head and waited patiently as I studied the situation I was in. There were at least ten people who had stopped in the streets to watch what was going on.

“Yes, Violet, marry me,” Logan confirmed. I had been kidding when I asked him if he was going to propose, but now he was on his knees asking me to marry him when we were in fact already engaged. He had just told me he cared about me too, and that had made me feel nice.

It doesn’t usually take a girl more than two seconds to answer when you get proposed to but I just couldn’t get the answer out there, I didn’t really have a choice in the matter anyway.  “Yes,” I forced out and plastered a big fat fake smile on my face. It was hard for me to figure out if he was being serious or not. “Are you being serious?” I whispered into his ear when he stood up and pulled me in to a hug.

“Violet, did we not just go over this? I care about you, I am buying you a ring, I want to marry you,” He said clearly as he held my shoulders and looked in to my eyes as he spoke. I couldn’t help but giggle when he put it like that. It was kind of cute and I could tell that he was being serious.

“Promise?” I said anyway.

Logan groaned like he was in pain and I giggled. He looked me in the eyes again and then pulled me in for a sweet kiss. I immediately kissed back and found myself thinking that about a week ago I would never have kissed Logan back. I sighed happily as Logan pulled away grabbing my hand and pulling me along the street as random people we had never seen in our lives clapped and congratulated us.

“I need to tell Lucy and Bree and Linc--”

“Violet, shut up!”

“Remind me why I said yes,” I grumbled as we walked home. We had been to see a movie and now we were headed back to the hotel.

“Because you looooooove me,” he chuckled cockily.

“Pfft. As if!” I scoffed and he frowned.

“I feel the love...” he muttered as we continued to walk and talk. “So, anyway, tomorrow we’re gonna go up to mom and dad’s beach house.” I thought back to my conversation with Logan to remember him telling me that Evan had no idea that this beach house existed so I nodded my head, wondering just how close this beach house was to the beach.

“Will you buy me a new phone?”


“You smashed my iPhone,” I reminded him and he nodded.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that. C’mon, let’s go in that shop across the road.” He said and dragged me to the curb as we waited for all the cars to pass so we could cross the road and go to the phone shop that was opposite us.

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