Chapter 9

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“Holy crap! What the hell are you doing in my room?” I screeched as I walked in to my bedroom and flicked on the switch. Evan was sitting on my bed when Logan and I had returned from dinner. I raced out of my room and across the hall where I yanked over Logan’s door. “Why is Evan in my room?”

“What?” Logan gave me a look of confusion so obviously he didn’t know that Evan was here. He walked out of his room. “Stay there.” He ordered and pointed to his bed. I nodded and walked over to his bed and he closed the door.

I heard some muffled yelling and then I thought that I heard them trading blows. “Let me talk to her!” Evan bellowed.

“Get out before I call the cops!” Logan yelled back.

“You don’t control her Logan!”

“She doesn’t want to see you Evan!”

“Bull shit! Let her make her own decisions! What kind of things have you been telling her? Did you tell her about Emily?”

“Get out of my house Evan!”

“Violet! Violet! Come out here! I need to talk to you!” I covered my ears. My view of Evan had changed so much since Logan had told me about Emily. And I actually thought that Evan was a good person. 

I heard some more scuffling and a loud bang against Logan’s door. I jumped with fright. A few minutes later after more blows, some cursing and a front door slamming Logan came back to the bedroom. He had a cut above his eyebrow and a bruise around his eye. “He looks worse than I do.” He commented when I looked at his face in horror.

“Here … let me clean you up.” I said as I got off his bed and dragged him to the bathroom. “Again.” I muttered as I grabbed a face washer and ran it under some warm water.

“Making a habit of this aren’t we …” Logan chuckled.

“Thanks for getting him out.” I said quietly as I wiped away the blood from his face once again.

“I’m gonna have to get the locks changed, he must still have a key.” He replied.

“I might sleep on the couch tonight. It feels weird knowing that he was in there by himself.” I commented as I washed the cloth and started to wipe again.

“You don’t have to sleep on the couch, Violet. I’ll sleep on the couch and you can have my bed.” He told me with a genuine smile. Not like those fake smiles he used to give me whenever Evan was around.

“No! It’s fine.”

“No it’s not. I’ll sleep on the couch.”

“No Logan!”

“Yes Violet.” He mocked with a smirk.

“Ugh you’re an ass and I’m sleeping on the couch no more objections.” I told him sternly. I’m known well for my stubbornness and this is going to be one of those moments.   

“God dammit Violet! I’m trying to be nice!” Logan said loudly with frustration. He narrowed his eyes at me and stared at me. Maybe he was trying to use his charms? Maybe he had super powers, but it wasn’t working and I just laughed at him. “Fine. If you don’t want me to sleep on the couch you can share my bed with me.” He said with a smirk.

“Is this your way of getting me in to bed?”

“Well yeah…” he said and laughed. My jaw dropped. That was a bit blunt! “Relax you prude I was joking.”

“You’re disgusting! I’m sleeping on the couch.” I told him still being stubborn.

“I just said that you could share the bed with me. Wouldn’t you feel safer? What if Evan comes back?”

“He won’t come back.” I told him confidently. Not if he knew what was good for him.

“Then sleep in your bed!”

“Ugh! You don’t get it.” I felt like Evan had been violating my space. I have my most treasured things in that bedroom. And my teddy Sherman. What if he had been going through my drawers while we were gone?

“You’re right I don’t get it. So you can sleep in your room or you can share my bed.”

“Logan!” I groaned.


“I hate you.” I said shoving the first aid kit in to his chest and walking out of the room. I didn’t really hate him I was just annoyed that he was making sleeping on the couch so damn difficult. Can you imagine married life to that annoying jerk? Ugh!

I went in to my bedroom and grabbed a pair of shorts and an old tank top and changed in the visitors bathroom because I was nervous that maybe, even though it sounds ridiculous, he planted a camera.

I grabbed some blankets from the linen cupboard and grabbed my pillow from my bedroom and walked down to the living room. I set up the couch and got cosy. Twenty minutes later and there was a loud bang. It sounded like thunder and it scared the crap out of me … I jumped six feet in the air.

My eyes were wide because now that I was more alert than ever I thought that every noise throughout the house was Evan trying to open the front door. Stupid Logan and his stupid ideas I mentally slapped myself for believing something he had said. I got up taking my pillow with me debating whether I should go in to my room or take up Logan’s offer to share his bed.

I finally decided after about five minutes of standing outside Logan’s door that I should just bite the bullet and share his bed. Once won’t hurt.

“Finally made up your mind?” Logan chuckled when I opened the door.

“I still hate you.” I muttered as I climbed in to his soft warm bed. Oh wow his bed is so soft! No wonder he sleeps until midday!


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