Chapter 18

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Chapter 19  

I took a deep breath and looked in the mirror. Today was the day - not the wedding day that was in a week. This week we were doing the hen’s party and the girls had sent me off to the salon to get beautified. I’ve had facials, my nails and toes painted and I was about to get a massage. I was so excited about tonight; I had a cute dress picked out and all my friends I hadn’t seen in a while were coming. Most of them didn’t even know I was getting married.

For the next forty five minutes I relaxed as a lady with magic hands relaxed me so much I nearly fell asleep. After that I was carted off to the hair salon to get my hair and make-up done and then I went back to the beach house. The dining room and lounge had been cleared of most furniture and there were tables for food and drinks and chairs were scattered around the room for ladies to dance. Lucy the little minx had insisted that we get a pole installed in the middle of the room just for the party. Bree had thought it was a hilarious idea and suggested to Logan that we keep it.

He also thought this was a marvellous idea. “You are such a bad influence on him! I’ve finally trained him how to clean and you go and install a fucking stripper pole!” I yelled at Lucy. I wasn’t really angry at her but I was annoyed that Logan had been spinning around it for the last thirty minutes entertaining Lincoln and some of his other buddies that were waiting for later on so they could go out and have a crazy night. “I’ll never be able to get him off the damn thing!” I growled.

“Yes you will!” Logan insisted, not stopping his spinning.

“How so?” I cocked an eyebrow and he stopped and waved his hand at me and then the pole.

“Oh no … absolutely not!” He wanted me to get on the pole, maybe after a few glasses of wine but it was early in the afternoon and I refused to drink alcohol before six.

“Aw, c’mon baby!” He cooed and I rolled my eyes.

“No!” I growled and he laughed along with his friends who thought this was highly amusing. They were all quite good looking - maybe I could set up Bree with one of them. She’s close to Logan, and she probably knows all of them by now.

“You better spin around on this thing when we’re married …” he stopped and thought for a second and then said, “Or I’ll ask for a divorce!” He warned, wagging his index finger at me. I smiled and walked over to him, still having no intentions at all of getting on the pole.

“Good,” I said and slapped his cheek lightly.

“Bree, tell my fiancé that I like women on poles!” Logan yelled - clearly he’s already had a few. I rolled my eyes and walked back to where Bree and Lucy were organising things.

“I’m gonna go check my e-mails,” I told the girls quietly. They told me to escape and I did as I was told. I walked up the stairs and locked myself in the bedroom.

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