Chapter 17

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“Logan this is boring, can’t we go do something?” I moaned. We had been stuck in this amazing hotel room for four hours now. The fabulousness was starting to vanish and it left me with a big screen television with every single cable channel ever.

That sounds great, right? But I’ve flipped through every channel and there is absolutely nothing that interests me. I want to spend time with Logan, but ever since he said he’d stay with me, he’s been in the living room typing on his computer.

“Violet, why don’t you order a movie or something?” Logan muttered. The typing didn’t stop and I was starting to think that he didn’t want to spend time with me.

“But I want to go and see a movie; I don’t want to order it. Can’t we go to the movies and get popcorn?” I asked hopefully, wondering what was so important on his computer that he needed to ignore me for four hours consecutively.

“Fine, fine. Give me half an hour and I’ll take you to a movie.” He gave in.

“Thanks,” I groaned. I still had half an hour to wait. What was I meant to do until then? “What’s so important that you have to ignore me for hours?” I asked. I put the TV remote control down and dragged myself off the couch, walking over to the table where he hadn’t taken his eyes off the computer screen since he sat down.

“Fine, we’ll go now.” He closed the laptop before I got to see what he was doing and stood up grabbing his keys and wallet off the table. He took my hand and directed me to the door. I frowned a little, and then grinned because it was sort of like a habit for him to grab my hand now. It was unlike that time when his mom forced him to hold my hand and when we had coffee with her and Evan.

“You didn’t answer my question. What were you doing?” I questioned him again.

He sighed.

“I was looking for a ring.” He told me and I stopped walking in the middle of the hotel hall.

“What?” My eyes were wide. Why would Logan be looking for a ring?

“A ring: a piece of jewellery you give to people you care about.” He stated sarcastically.

“For who?” I blurted before I could stop myself.

Logan laughed and gave me an amused look. “For someone I care about.”

“Oh.” Must be someone real special. I couldn’t assume that just because we’re engaged, the ring was for me. I mean, he did tell me not long ago that he still had feelings for his old girlfriend and first love, Emily. Maybe he was sending her a ring.

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