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Just The Right Black by JaneLanett
Just The Right Blackby Jane Lanett
Ariana Feilman the best undercover agent was just assigned a new case to become a billionaire's bodyguard. She doesn't know why her boss -Jack Penn- gave her the job of...
  • action
  • adventure
  • love
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First Daughter by wingandaprayer
First Daughterby wingandaprayer
Heath is the country's top secret service agent and has seen just about everything. His latest case though may just be his last. When he's asked to "babysit" t...
  • bodyguard
  • president
  • chicklit
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My Body Guard by divergentlover_
My Body Guardby Divergentlover_
Beatrice Prior is a princess. Great, right? Wrong. Of course her parents are nice, the King and queen, but they work all day. Her brother's the same as he is next in lin...
  • royal
  • divergentau
  • protective
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The Bodyguard by IrenaMichalec
The Bodyguardby Irena Michalec
#1 in TEEN 9/10/2018 #14 in ACTION 6/10/2018 #81 in romance 19/09/2018 "That's Frank by the way, he's going to look after you when I'm gone." I look across...
  • life
  • teen
  • maffia
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america's bad boy & his bodyguard | ✓ by KarlaMonster
america's bad boy & his go•ne
Being the president's son certainly wasn't what people would've expected. Vans Coin, son of the first Latino president for the United States, was anything but perfect. I...
  • president
  • love
  • bodyguard
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Billionaire's Bodyguard by ImAWandererxo
Billionaire's Bodyguardby L . M . B
#3 ▪ Guns & Roses series ❝You dress to impress.❞ He chuckled as a devilish smirk covered his face. ❝No Angel. I undress to impress.❞ * She lives a lavish life. Money...
  • billionaire
  • wattys2019
  • danger
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Unexpected Girl - CTH (COMPLETED) by bymyselfxoxo
Unexpected Girl - CTH (COMPLETED)by bymyself
"She's gonna be your new bodyguard and gym trainer" "What?!" "But she's a girl duhh?" "I'm the manager or you guys?" Charles loo...
  • lovelife
  • ashton
  • luke
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Protect Me (Original Version) by Heartless9849
Protect Me (Original Version)by Hannah.
Elena Matherson, Princess of the country Castella. Brandon Reed, trained since he was a boy to be the bodyguard of the Princess. And they spend all their time getting on...
  • shortstory
  • humor
  • teenromance
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Personal Body Guard - (Shawn Mendes) by basicallyvogue
Personal Body Guard - (Shawn basicallyvogue
"Cut the shit babe, your parents hired me as your personal body guard so fuck up with the attitude..." ~ When the presidents daughter gets accepted to college...
  • romance
  • love
  • president
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The Model's Bodyguard (Romantic Suspense) [COMPLETED] by JasmineDahlia
The Model's Bodyguard (Romantic Jasmine Greene
Supermodel Mila Belvedere never expected her predictable life of fame, photo shoots, and flashing lights to take such drastic turns. Never would she have guessed that he...
  • arrogant
  • love
  • completed
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Thicker than Blood - Book One (Watty Awards 2012) by thethornsofmylife
Thicker than Blood - Book One ( Ruth
Book One in the Soul Seeker Series. At fifteen Amelia is forced to move in with her birthfather when her mother passes away. A man she's never met before in her life, st...
  • heritage
  • vampire
  • movie
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My bodyguard by lulmelanin
My bodyguardby 🌸𝑈𝑛𝑖𝑣𝑒𝑟𝑠𝑒🌸
Her new bodyguard
  • wave
  • singing
  • bwam
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G U A R D E D | Tom Hiddleston by UnityTheWilcox
G U A R D E D | Tom Hiddlestonby Unity Wilcox
Everyone knows these days would come. That our beloved celebrities were to be death threatened not only through via social media, but in real life as well. Tom Hiddle...
  • bodyguard
  • tomhiddlestonfanfiction
  • behindthescenes
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The Female Bodyguard by Jing-Yi
The Female Bodyguardby Jing Yi•Semi-Hiatus
"You have to stop doing that." "Stop doing what?" "Saying things that make me want to kiss you when I can't."    Planning to prove all h...
  • humor
  • sarcasm
  • king
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We've Got You by gooniesneversaydie1
We've Got Youby Aace1234
Harry, Drew, Scott, Edward and Jax are all emergency room Doctors at London Public hospital. They are expecting a quiet night on shift but what they get is anything but...
  • injuredlouis
  • violence
  • abuse
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Falling for The Most Wanted Mafia Boss by Nerfy_rouge
Falling for The Most Wanted CCM
He is the most evil Person in the city. Every living thing in the world fear him. He is on top wanted level for the murders, rapes, kidnapping, gangwars, smuggling. He i...
  • evil
  • bxb
  • malexmale
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MAIDS | KTH by frhndiaa
MAIDS | KTHby Jimin’s
"Did you read the contract correctly? It said that you work as my M.A.I.D.S not my MAID" Mr.Kim said to me Hello, I'm Lee Y/N, 25 years old, live in Seoul but...
  • kthxreader
  • wattys2019
  • bts
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You, Me And Us (Sequal JLYAM) by a_mhye
You, Me And Us (Sequal JLYAM)by 🦄
Before read this book, you must to read the first book "Just Like You And Me". So you can understand what happened from the start. • 2 years down the road, ev...
  • happy
  • kyungsoo
  • baekhyun
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The Mysterious Bodyguard  by RemyHood1017
The Mysterious Bodyguard by Lovely._.Remy
Izuku is a werewolf. Nobody knows that he's a werewolf except his mom and dad. He got the werewolf genes from his dad. That's a secret he keeps to himself. He was poor i...
  • bodyguard
  • werewolf
  • cute
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UNIQUE BODYGUARD | Jungkook x bts by Clingy_jungkook
UNIQUE BODYGUARD | Jungkook x btsby 🖤۰۪۫J۪۫۰۰۪۫J۪۫۰۰۪۫K۪۫۰🖤
The rudest famous billionaire's in Seoul South Korea, BTS, come across a unique young boy named Jungkook, who becomes a bodyguard for them. But little did they know, the...
  • billionaire
  • jungkook
  • smutwarning
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