Chapter 10

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“Oh just look at them! Aren’t they precious?” A familiar voice murmured quietly. I then wondered why I knew that the voice was familiar but everything was black. I then realised that I was sleeping. I shifted and tried to roll over.

Except there was a heavy weight on my hip and it seemed as though I was trapped. I opened my eyes and didn’t recognise the room I was in. The walls were blue whereas mine were white and my bed was not this soft! I looked to the bed side table and saw the clock, 11.45, wow I haven’t slept this late since I came to Logan’s. OH MY GOD! Logan!

I slept in Logan’s bed! With Logan!

It took all my might to push Logan’s arm from around my waist but I did finally and he rolled over rubbing his eyes to see why I had disturbed him. “Good morning!” Eva chirped happily. She definitely got the wrong end of the stick here. She probably thinks that we’re a happy couple now.

“Mom what are you doing here?” Logan croaked as he sat up.

“We were meant to meet at ten.” She replied.

“It’s not even … oh.” He leaned over me to look at the clock on the bed side table. “Sorry.” He mumbled an apology as he rolled out of bed and grabbed a shirt from the chair near his TV.

“Don’t apologise I’ll leave you two to get ready.”

Oh my god! How embarrassing!

“Two?” So Logan hadn’t noticed me yet. Ah this is horrible. He didn’t turn around and he was about to take off his pants.

“Logan don’t you dare get naked while I’m in here!” I warned him. I spun around shocked.


“No it’s Houdini!” I snapped.

“Oh yeah I forgot you slept in here last night.” He chuckled.

“Let me leave before you take your pants off.” I told him as I got out of bed grabbing my pillow and heading toward the door.

“My mom’s probably got a million things running through her head right now! She must be having a ball!” Logan laughed. I scowled.

“Not funny Logan!”

“Totally funny, Violet!” He smirked.

“I hate you.”

“You keep telling me that but I still don’t believe you!” he called after me.

I ignored his last comment and went in to my bedroom and walked over to my closet where I grabbed a long floral flowing dress and pair of sandals and a denim jacket. I took all my things in to the bathroom and had a quick shower. I could smell Logan on me. That lemony scent was so appetizing. Appetizing? What’s wrong with me?

I dried my hair a little and left it out so it was dry wavy. I applied a little bit of makeup so I was at least presentable to Eva. Not that she would care she was probably too excited out finding me in Logan’s bed to criticize what I was wearing. “You look nice.” Logan gave me a genuine smile when I emerged from my room fresh.

I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. That was the first time he had paid me a compliment. It felt nice to know that he thought I was looking nice. I mumbled a quiet thanks and we went to the lounge that connected to the kitchen where Eva had made us coffee.

“I thought since you two haven’t had breakfast we could grab something to eat before we head out to ‘Doyle’s’. My jaw dropped when she mentioned ‘Doyle’s’, that was one of the most amazing wedding venues ever! It was like a fairy tale. I had only ever been there once for my mom’s friend’s wedding when I was twelve.

It’s located on a mountain where the view from the courtyard is spectacular. It has a nice garden area where the ceremony is usually held, there are all sorts of flowers and exotic tress and if you follow the path through the tress it leads you to a waterfall which is beautiful. I gulped, “Doyle’s?”

“Yes of course, have you heard of it?” Eva replied.

“Yes! It’s amazing there!”

She laughed. “I take it you like the choice of venue?” she asked.


“Very well then we’ll stop for well, I guess we’ll stop for lunch.” She looked at the clock in the kitchen. It was midday. I glanced at Logan and he smirked.

While Logan was finding his keys Eva grinned at me like an idiot. “So are you and Logan …” she waved her hands suggestively.

My eyes widened when I realized what she was asking. “No! No I just slept in his bed last night because I –.”

“Mom stop interrogating Violet.”

Eva nodded her head and smiled at me knowingly as she walked towards the front door. I covered my face with my hands. I heard Logan snicker behind me. “C’mon let’s get this over with wifey.” He pushed me towards the door and swung his arm around my shoulders.

“Your mother thinks we slept together.” I growled at him.

“We did.”

“Logan!” I stopped walking and turned and punched him in the stomach.

“Violet I was kidding.” Logan groaned rubbing his stomach.

“I hate you.”

“I still don’t believe you!” he sang with a smirk.

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