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[Ashlyn and lilith]

Lilith grunted as she carried the heavy basket of clothes up the stairs. Slowly walking and slammed it down once she reached the top step. “That was.. Heavier than I expected..” She breathed out in exhaustion. She sighed before running a hand through her bangs, she glanced down the hallway and it was of course a mess. Sighing before picking up the basket and carefully walked so as to not slip on the wooden flooring. Once she made it to the laundry room she placed the basket onto the floor. She took the bed sheets out of the basket and placed them in the washer one by one. Afterwards, she closed the lid then poured some detergent and softener in it. Before finally, pressing the button for it to start. The machine rumbles and shakes as it begins to wash the clothes.

She grabbed the basket again and walked down the hallway into her parents room. Grabbing the clothes in the bathroom and on the ground and placing them in the basket. Then walked into Ashlyn's room, doing the same thing until she spotted a hoodie she hadn't seen before. It was a black hoodie with a smiley face on it. “Where did this come from?” Lilith mumbled out loud she shrugs and throws it in the basket. She finishes the rest of the cleaning before plopping onto the couch, eating a cookie from the jar.

After all the phantom dimension stuff and facilities, Lilith and her fiance, kathryn moved back in with mike and emma. They're saving up to buy a house of their own, Kathryn works at a donut shop while Lilith doesn't have a job yet. So her parents pay her to be their ‘slave’(cleaning lady). She has to do all the chores around the house and even the outside ones as well. Which, Is fair because she's staying there without a job. But besides that Lilith is happy, even more happy at the fact ashlyn now has friends of her own that visits often. She even has a boyfriend now! That surprised Lilith greatly, knowing ashlyn was never really affectionate or touchy.

The front door opened and she saw her little sister, ashlyn. Who looked exhausted, she just dropped her backpack by the couch and plopped onto it. Lilith chuckled as her sister almost fell off the couch. “Don't laugh, cleaning lady” she mumbled into the couch pillow. Her sister laughed as she took another cookie from the jar, “how was school?” She spoke while eating. “Shitty, as always” Lilith just hummed in response “so, your little boyfriend didn't cheer you up?” she giggles at herself. Ashlyn's ears slowly turned red, “or was he not there today?” Ashlyn nodded at Lilith's question, her face all red from embarrassment. Lilith giggles, “don't you have cleaning to do?” she huffed into the pillow. “actually(🤓☝) I already finished it all” she crossed her arms proudly. “Don't you have homework to do?” Lilith smirked, placing her hands on her hips, looking down at ashlyn. Ashlyn slowly lifted her head from the pillow and she groaned at Lilith's question. “Oh, shut up.” Lilith just smiled at her sister's annoyance.

She laughed while eating another cookie, that's when she heard the laundry machine beeping. Groaning before getting up and going back upstairs to take the clothes out of the dryer. She folded them one by one and placed them on her parents bed or ashlyn's bed. Then she came across that smiley hoodie again, she decided to go ask Ashlyn if it belonged to her or one of her friends. As she walked downstairs, she noticed Ashlyn still laying on the couch, faced down. Lilith sniffles a laugh “hey freckles, is this your hoodie?” holding up the black smiley hoodie in front of her. Ashlyn looked up from the pillow and shot up, she immediately went red. Lilith looked confused “is it?” then Lilith realized. “This is Aiden's hoodie isn't it?” She chuckled, Ashlyn crossed her arms “... No..” She was embarrassed. Lilith tossed it to her, smiling. “Sure, sure..” Lilith walked back upstairs to continue with the laundry.


The next day
She switched on the vacuum and began to vacuum the carpet upstairs. She started in her parents bedroom, then the hallway. Once she made it into Ashlyn's room she tried to vacuum as much as possible and hit every corner. Then she switched the vacuum off, carried it to the cleaning closet and placed it in there. Next, she went back to Ashlyn's room to grab the empty water cups when she noticed something on the windowsill.. She walked over to it. “What is that..?” she mumbled out loud, It looked like a footprint from a shoe. She opened the window and looked around the window. “Has she been climbing out the window..?” she whispered before wiping it down. Lilith shrugged it off, Maybe she's getting fresh air?

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