valentines day gifts

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Hey y'all this one took longer than usual since I've been busy with school and finals are coming up but I have some other fanfics in the making but it'll take a while, if you have any suggestions feel free to ask :)

(Ben x Taylor)

Ben never really had any crushes, of course there were people he found pretty but never to the point he wanted to date that person. However, when he was in middle school he had a crush on a girl. He had a passion for music, specifically singing. Although, because of his intimidating appearance, him singing got him picked on by the other kids. Plus, he didn’t have any friends to help him out with this situation. A guy named Shane who was in his class offered Ben to sit next to him and his friends at lunch, and Ben agreed. 

He watched the clock nervously,  watching it count down closer and closer to when the class ends. Like as if it was a ticking time bomb ready to go off. Three, two, one.  The bell went off and startled ben. On the loudspeaker someone speaks into it; “Hello, students and staff, just a reminder valentine's day is coming up! Make your cards for your classmates!” The voice said excitedly, 

Ben hated valentines day. 

He hated seeing all the happy couples in the school hallways, kids passing out cards to each other. Ben usually never got any cards unless someone was forced/pressured to give him one. Which made him feel worse. He put his head on the desk as the person on the loudspeaker spoke, he was already dreading that day. Even though it was a week away!  Once the person was done talking, Ben grabbed his stuff and walked to the lunch room. Once he got his plate of food he looked for shane. He noticed Shane waving his hand to Ben, motioning for him to come over. Ben nervously walked and sat with them at the table.

“Hey, ben.” Shane smiled, Ben just nervously smiled and waved.

The other people that were at the table waved however, there was a specific girl that caught Ben’s eye. A girl with short straight black hair, brown eyes and pale skin, she smiled at him.

He blushed a bit, and quickly tried to look away. “So Ben, tell us about yourself.” Shane smiled, Ben talked about what he was into and his passion for music. After lunch, Ben felt happy.. Truly happy. He hadn’t felt this happy in a while, he finally had friends and a crush! Well, he wasn’t exactly sure if it was a crush yet. While he was talking she kept looking at him, smiling. Ben was trying so hard to look away and not blush. 

School continued as normal and he walked back to his home, excited for tomorrow. The next day comes faster than expected and he sits with Shane and his friends again. THey did the same thing as yesterday, talked and got to know each other. However, as he was walking home he ran into the black haired girl. 

“Oh, Ben,” she smiled. He blushed and smiled back, her voice was calm. 

She walked over beside him and walked with him. “So, how are you?” she asked. 

“Um, good..” Ben choked out. “That’s good, I'm glad.” She was elegant, distinguished. Ben was very nervous, blushing a lot struggling to come up with words. They talked for a bit as they walked down the sidewalk. That’s when Ben stopped, she looked at him in confusion. “Oh, is this your house?” she asked, he nodded. Slowly walking towards it. “Well, I'll see you tomorrow.” she waved, he waved back before walking into the house. He closed the front door behind him and went up to his room, he opened the door and saw black curly hair. It was Aiden, his cousin they must have come over when he was at school. Aiden was asleep cuddling the pillows tightly, as if it was gonna disappear any moment. “He looks so tired, his eyebags are more evident now..” Ben whispered to himself as he analyzed Aiden's face. He sighed in worry before sitting in the chair at his desk. 

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