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(A little angst ig I thought of during class im still working on the next part for the camping one tho. )

Ashlyn stepped on the pedal as hard as she could trying to get away from that giant phantom chasing them she was trying her best to avoid the cars and roots that were in her way, along with a cliff dangerously close. The others were clinging onto each other in the back. Taylor was holding onto tyler and Ben tightly and with Tyler's other arm holding Logan close to them as possible. Panicking about the situation they're in avoiding the busted up door next to them. The Jeep slammed against another tree root causing it to swerve, ashlyn instantly tried to control it from hitting the other cars and within that time the phantom lifted it's arm and hit the front right side of the car. It was a blessing to make a slight whole through the car door scratching Aiden's chest in the process.
The phantom moved its arm out of the car down which slowed it down a bit.
Aiden held onto something by him and tried to stop the blood but it flooded out like a waterfall some even started pouring out of his mouth he was grunting in pain and his eyes started to fill up with tears, his vision started getting blurry.

Ashlyn looked to her side to see the damage but she ended up seeing lots of blood it was coming from Aiden. A big wound right in his chest. Ashlyn's eyes widened and her heart dropped.
"Aiden! " she yelled to him.
Ashlyn began swerving more trying to maintain focus but failing. The door next to Aiden opened and ashlyn instantly grabbed aiden's arm and held onto him tightly keeping him as close as possible.
Ashlyn looked at him with worry
She received a faint smile in return " I'm fine. " he said lifting up his arm making the wound even more visible but he put it right back due to the pain.
more blood began to pour out of his mouth. Ashlyn began to panic " No, no, no! "
Ashlyn held onto his arm tighter.
Aiden sat back and his pulse started slow down and it kept getting slower and slower.
Ashlyn instantly noticed this and she ended up hitting another tree root.
" N-no, Aiden stay with me. "
She began to panic even more even letting go of his arm to apply  pressure to his wound.
Aiden then started coughing out more and more blood it started to pour down ashlyn's arm.

Aiden turned his head to face ashlyn he faintly smiled at her.
" hey ashlyn? " Aiden called out to her.
Ashlyn glanced at him
" yeah? " she asked in a shakey voice.
" I love you. "
Ashlyn felt aiden's pulse get even slower after he said that.
" N-no, no, please don't say that everything is gonna be fine. "
Aiden gently grabbed her hand and pulled it away from his chest.  He gently squeezed it ashlyn felt tears start to form in her eyes. She put her hand right back to feel his pulse and it was still terrifyingly slow.
" I'm so glad I was able to become your friend ashlyn. Im so happy I met someone like you. "

" I'm happy I met you too so please stay.

" Being with you is a better thrill than any roller coaster ride I've ever been on. "

Ashlyn's tears started to stream down her cheeks as he continued to speak applying more pressure. As her heart continued to ache at his words slowing down.

" I love you too, I need you please don't leave me. "

At this point ashlyn was sobbing she was swerving the Jeep trying to focus on Aiden and the road at the same time. Her hand was still applying as much pressure as she can. But the bleeding didn't stop.

Aiden's pulse got super slow as well as his blinking ashlyn noticed this and heart began to ache even more.
" No, no, no Aiden stay with me. "
Ashlyn shaked him trying to keep him awake.
Then he went limp and his pulse stopped. Ashlyn's eyes widened and she gently moved her hand away from his chest shaking tears streaming down her face. She grabbed aiden's hand and squeezed it. Ashlyn then looked ahead of her and saw a big Tree right in front of her and right when she tried to go around it she woke up.

She shot up shaking with tears in her eyes. She sat up and looked around, she was in her bedroom. Ashlyn started to cry again thinking of what just happened she curled up into a ball and sobbed.
She then heard footsteps followed by her bedroom door opening. She sat up to see who it was.
It was Aiden he was holding what looks like some cookies.
" oh, you're up I brought up some cookies if u want some. "
Ashlyn looked at him and started to tear up.
Aiden noticed her and set the cookies down and ran over to her
" hey, what's wrong? "

He wrapped his arms around her and she hid her face in his shoulder. He ran his fingers though her hair, trying to calm her down.
She gripped onto his shirt tightly keeping him close.
" I thought you died.. " ashlyn started
"You thought I died? Ash what are you talking about? "

" In the phantom dimension the giant phantom attacked you while we were testing the distance theory. "

" Ash we didn't go to phantom dimension yet, and we tested that theory a week ago. "

"What..? "

Ashlyn looked up at him then looked at the clock on her nightstand it read:
"10:36 pm"
Ashlyn then instantly remembered what happened before she fell asleep,
her parents went out for the day and Aiden wanted to spend the night. They were playing games and watching movies until ashlyn fell asleep.

"Oh, it was just a dream... "
Ashlyn sighed in relief as she wrapped her arms around Aiden and snuggled close to him. Aiden pulled the blanket over the both of them. Ashlyn felt so relieved to find that it was just a nightmare and that she was in aiden's arms.

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