𝑓𝑙𝑜𝑤𝑒𝑟𝑠 𝑝𝑎𝑟𝑡 2.

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{ A part two :0???  𝑦𝑒𝑠. 😌✨️ but i fr started this in February 😭😭}

{ Tyler x Logan }


Logan is riding on his scooter, going as fast as he can down the streets. He was trying to get to the flower shop before Tyler did.  School has ended and he just got out of his astronomy club, Logan had mentioned to the group multiple times before that his grandparents own a flower shop somewhere in town. Tyler asked if he could come over after his baseball practice and help out at the shop. Logan happily agreed, he asked his grandparents if Tyler could come help out and they were happy he wanted to help and agreed as well.

Tyler’s baseball practice ended just a bit ago, so Tyler should be on his way now.
Logan wants to make it there before him so he can get the supplies and tools they need.        

He finally made it to the flower shop, he looked around and there was no sign of Tyler. He sighed in relief, quickly walking inside. As he opened the door the little bell chimed that was hanging above it.
His grandpa turned to the door, spotting Logan and he greeted him as he walked in.

“Logan, is your friend still coming over to help out?” His grandpa asked slowly, taking off the gloves he was wearing.

“Yeah, he should be here any minute.” Logan nodded, smiling
Logan walked over the aprons that were hanging behind the cash register.

He picked it up and tied the strings behind his neck and behind his back.  

“What needs to be done?” Logan asked, looking over at his grandpa.

“Here, I wrote it all down for you and your friend.” He smiled while handing a piece of paper to logan.

“Ah, thanks!” He smiled back, taking the paper.

“Me and your grandma are going to leave all of that stuff to you both, we’ll take care of customers.”
Logan nodded in reply, as his grandpa walked into the staff room.

Logan looked down at the sheet of paper and read it, just in the middle of reading he heard the door’s bell chime. He turned around to see Tyler, holding his baseball stuff in his hands and he still had his backpack on. He looked up at Logan and softly smiled, Logan blushed a bit nervously smiling back at him.

“Hi Tyler, you can set your stuff down behind the counter.” He said before turning to pick up a pen off the ground. Tyler set his stuff down, making sure it was out of the way. He stretched his arms and back. Logan walked over to Tyler and handed him an apron, Tyler took it and put it on.

“Is that a list of the stuff we need to get done?” Tyler asked, looking down at logan.
Logan nodded before reading it out loud.

“We need to… ‘water all the plants except for the roses, pot the flowers on the counter, sweep the floor.” Tyler nodded when he finished reading.

Tyler walked over to the counter, Logan followed.  Logan  carefully and slowly picked up one of the flowers, and grabbed a pot that was next to it. He slowly placed it in the pot and patted it a bit. Tyler watched him closely before trying it himself, once he successfully got it in the pot he sighed in relief. Logan smiled at him, he picked up the pot and placed it with the flowers that were the same type. Tyler placed his pot down carefully, Then they repeated the process with the other flowers until none were left on the counter.

Tyler dusted off his hands before grabbing the list and looking back at it. They had to water the flowers and clean.

“Hey Logan, would you be fine with me cleaning and you watering the flowers?” He asked him, Logan placed the last pot down and looked up at Tyler.

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