Camping part 1

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The parents names-
Ashlyn's parents - emma, Mike
Aiden's parents- Jessica, Daniel
Ben's parents- Naomi, William
Logan's grandparents- Mary, James
Taylor and Tyler's mom- mariana

Ever since Lily's birthday party all the parents started hanging out a bit more, not that often though because of their jobs. Ben and aiden's family went camping once every year to a cabin that they own not too far away from where they live. They would make s'mores, watch movies, telling scary stories etc.
But now Aiden and Ben have friends that they live near and hang out with them everyday so they thought they should ask the other parents if they wanted to go camping as well.

They all agreed to meet up at Mike and Emma's house to talk.
The teenagers were still at school though so it was just the adults. Jessica and Daniel brought some pie for them to enjoy while they talk.
They all sat down at the dinning table.
" Thank you guys for coming" Daniel started
" thank you Emma, Mike for letting us talk here. "
" oh it's fine what did you guys want to tell us? " Mike asked
" well, since we own a cabin a couple hours from here we all go camping often. " Naomi replied
" so we were wondering if you guys wanted to come along. "
" that sounds fun! " Mariana said with excitement.
" I agree that does sound pretty fun. " James agreed
" when are we all going? " emma asked.
" we can go tomorrow we probably will stay there for at least three days. " William said
" oh that's fine then. "

They continued to talk about the time and how far away it is. It is about 4 to 5 hour drive to the cabin. They all agreed they would be able to go tomorrow morning at 7 am. Though they still had to ask the kids about it lily is very excited about the whole thing.

" alright let's all meet up at my place so we can play that game aiden kept asking about. " ashlyn said walking away to on the buses.
They all agreed and walked away.
Ben, Aiden and ashlyn went on to their bus. Ben sat down and put his earbuds in and looked out the window as the bus began to drive. Once ashlyn sat in her seat Aiden instantly sat right next to her. Aiden opened his mouth to speak but then ashlyn interrupted him.
" yes, yes we are going to play that video game you keep telling me about. Why are you so interested in that game anyway? "
Ashlyn asked
" well, cause it looks fun! And I really wanted to play that game with you. " Aiden replied playing with her long braids.
Aiden then dropped his head to her shoulder. Ashlyn sighed playfully and leaned her head on top of his.

Once they reached ashlyn's house the three of them got off the bus and waited on the front porch for the other three before going inside. Once they arrived Ashlyn unlocked the front door and walked in though she was surprised to see all of the others parents there. They waved to the teenagers as they walked in. They explained the camping trip and Aiden was immediately excited to go. The others were pretty thrilled to go as well. They hung out for a couple hours before going home Aiden stayed with ashlyn at her house though.
They were sitting down in ashlyn's room on the floor playing cards. Aiden was telling ashlyn all about their previous trips going camping and how they are always very fun. Ashlyn was a little excited to go because it has been a while since her and her parents went camping.
Although Aiden eventually went home to go pack for tomorrow morning. ( he didn't want to leave) ashlyn packed up ready to leave for tomorrow morning. She laid there on her bed and her hair was loose she closed her eyes and slowly drifted to sleep.

This parts a little short becuz I'm really tired but next part will be out tmr

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