-Camping part 3-

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Part 3???? :00   i was sick today and decided to write. this took way longer than expected but it was worth it.  also i realized part two of this was published almost a year ago???

im currently working on more fics at the moment so hopefully ill publish them soon. :) 


"Hey kids, we're here!" Mike happily shouted trying to wake them up.

Ashlyn's eyes fluttered open as she heard her dad's voice. She looked down and Aiden was laying his head on her chest cuddling her. He was fast asleep, she blushed before gently shaking him a bit trying to wake him up.

"Aiden..Aiden you gotta wake up, we're here." Ashlyn called to him.

"Huh..?" Aiden sleepily mumbled and he started to wake up.

"We're here."

Aiden sat up, looking around him and realized they made it to the cabin.

"We're here!" Aiden yelled excitedly.

"Ugh...yeah we knew that..." Tyler groaned, annoyed at his excitement.

The others slowly woke up as well and got out of the car,they stretched once they got out.

Aiden's parents' car pulls up to the driveway and Lily runs out to the cabin in excitement.

"Woah! It's so big!" she yelled excitedly, running up the steps to the front door.

"Be careful lily, watch your step!" Taylor called out to her.

"I will!" she yelled back happily, Taylor giggled a bit at her response.

"Hey, a little help here." Tyler called out to Taylor angrily, he was trying to get their luggage out of the jeep.
"Oh sorry, hehe" she laughed before helping him.

Ashlyn and Aiden walked into the cabin with their luggage.

Ashlyn looked up in awe, it was a pretty big cabin upstairs. tons of rooms,a nice kitchen and dining area. There was a gorgeous chandelier hanging in the middle of the ceiling.

"Wow, is this why you two wanted to keep it a surprise?" Mike turned to Aiden's parents.

They laughed a bit before Aiden's mom responded.

"Well, of course. This cabin is big enough for all of us. Although, there would have to be two people in each room if we wanted to fill all the rooms." Mike nodded.

Aiden grabbed Ashlyn's hand, leading her to the stairs.

"Come on ash, let's go look at the rooms!" he said excitedly.

She would've told him not to call her ash, but for now she let it slide. She followed him up the stairs. They looked through some of the rooms before the other four showed up.

"Okay, so I heard there's two people in each room so who's gonna share a room with who?" Taylor asked.

"We're gonna be able to choose, so who would you guys rather share a room with?" Ashlyn asked them.

They all didn't know who'd they rather share a room with.

"How about we can try like a wheel thingy so it'll pick for us?" Aiden suggested.

" I guess we can try that." Ashlyn replied, the others nodded in agreement.

Once Aiden set it up , they gathered around his phone.

The first two people it landed on were Taylor and Ben. Then Logan and Tyler. Which meant Ashlyn and Aiden were the only ones left so they shared a room as well.

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