moonlight :)

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~ The clock hit 12 and ashlyn appeared on a bus with people she knew by heart. Her friends Aiden, Ben, Taylor, Tyler and Logan. They were in the phantom dimension this had become a normal thing for them ever since that trip to Savannah.
They've been in this loop for months to the point where they grew used to it. And they learned how to survive.
The next thing they have been planning to do is get more weapons in which they successfully got ashlyn's dad's jeep. So now all they have to do is drive to the gun shop.
But for today they decided to just relax in the graveyard.

They all greeted each other like normal,  They all talked about their plan for today before going their separate ways. Ben stayed on the bus listening to music and doodling in his notebook.
Taylor and Tyler also stayed on the bus but they were just in the back talking then, not to long later Logan joins them and Taylor goes to hang out with Ben.
Aiden on the other hand stayed on the graveyard's wall and watched the Phantoms down below. While Ashlyn walked around the graveyard thinking to herself.  Aiden saw her walking around and decided to go talk to her. So he jumped down the wall and walked towards ashlyn.

"Hey ash!" Aiden called to her with a smile. " hi Aiden" ashlyn replied a little startled by him calling her.
" what are you doing over here? " Aiden asked
" I was just walking around, why? "
"Nothing, why are walking around tho? " Aiden asked
" I'm thinking. "
" about what? "
" how to get to the gun shop. "
" oh ok :) "
An awkward silence began between them. Aiden then turned his head to look at the moon. The sky was cloudy and red but, the moon was still bright and blue.
He looked at the moon for a couple more minutes before breaking the silence.

" Ash? "
"Hm? "
Aiden hesitated
"Um, can you follow me for a sec? "" why? "
" I'll show you "
Aiden then starts walking away and ashlyn follows behind. He then stops right in front of one of the buses and starts climbing up the ladder. Once he's on top of the bus he looks down at ashlyn.
" come up ash " Aiden says with his smile becoming wider. Ashlyn sighs before climbing up the ladder. Once she's up there aiden sits down and pats a spot next to him beckoning her to sit down. And she sits down next to him still very confused.
"Why are we up here Aiden? "
" look :) " aiden says while pointing at the moon.
Ashlyn looks in that direction and sees the moon it's bigger and brighter up here then it was when they were down there.
The clouds also very slightly covered up the edges of the moon. Ashlyn looks at the moon in admiration. They sat there watching the moon for some time.

" isn't it pretty? " Aiden asked looking at ashlyn. Ashlyn simply nodded. They sat there for the rest of the seven hours watching the moon together. <3

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