Aiden's birthday special

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Today was October 14, or Aiden's birthday. Aiden has been excited for his birthday for a couple months now, non stop talking about it. He was so excited to spend his birthday with his new friends. Ashlyn has been planning his birthday for a while  and secretly talked to the others about what they are going to do.
She wanted to make sure that the party was going to be perfect, she wanted to make him happy after all the things they've been through recently with the Phantoms.

She even planned the entire day out:
Ben was going to distract Aiden by taking him shopping to his favorite stores meanwhile everyone else helps set up the party.

Aiden woke up excited for his birthday, he quickly got up and took a shower, got dressed and headed down stairs. Once he got down stairs Ben set down a plate of food on the dinning table. It was pancakes with a smiley face on it. Pancakes was aiden's favorite breakfast. Aiden smile got wider as he hugged Ben before sitting down and eating.

"Your parents are coming today, there bringing my parents and lily over as well. "

" it will take a while before they get here though since it's a long drive. " Ben continued

"Ah, ok. " Aiden replied before stuffing his face with more pancakes.

"Although, we could go somewhere before they get here like to the mall or arcade. "

"we could go to the mall. Wait, are the others coming? " aiden asked.

"No, they aren't they are all pretty busy today, tay and ty have to go to a family meet up today, Logan has an important project he has to do. And ashlyn has a show in a week she needs to practice for. "

" Aw.. " aiden's smile weakened a bit.

Aiden and Ben finished up their breakfast and left to the mall.


Ashlyn's eyes fluttered open as she looked around her room, she looked at her alarm clock that read '8:50 am' she slowly sat up and remembered what day it was, it was aiden's birthday.
She got up and got dressed. She walked downstairs and saw her parents eating breakfast.

"morning trooper!" Mike called out to her.
"Morning." Ashlyn replied still a little sleepy. She grabbed the cereal and poured it into a bowl, then the milk. She sat down at the table with her parents.
" so, are we going to get some decorations from the store since don't have any? " Mike asked.
" yeah, we'll go to the store and call the others over to help with food and decorations. " Ashlyn replied.
"Do you know if ben's parents are coming into town as well? Aiden's parents only told us they were coming into town. " Emma asked

"Yeah, Ben got a text yesterday saying that his parents will be in town for aiden's birthday. "

" That's good. "

Once they arrived at the store the began looking for decorations. They found some yellow streamers and smiley face birthday balloons.
Ashlyn texted the rest of the group what they got from the store, before aiden's birthday they created a group chat for this occasion. And only ash, Ben, tay, ty and Logan were in it.

- Aiden's bday gc -

ash: me and my parents got the decorations we r otw home

Tay: me and ty got the cooking stuff

Logan: do u want us to come over now or later?

Ash: u guys can come over now we don't know how long Ben is able to distract aiden

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