tired :)

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Ashlyn was sitting on her bed with her knees to her chest her hair was down. They've already been to the phantom dimension today more close calls but after she woke up she could go back to sleep. She couldn't stop thinking about their situation she was so tired and stressed out. She felt like she was losing her mind her grades were dropping in school she was worried they wouldn't be able to find a balance in between the two worlds and they will be stuck like this.
Not only that, she can't tell her parents about the situation.

Ashlyn wrapped her arms around her knees.
She continued to just sit there with her thoughts then suddenly, she heard a knock coming from her window she was confused at first but then she quickly remembered. Aiden, he started coming to her house a but more often through the night. More like break in, because he comes in through ashlyn's bedroom window. Even though she knows he comes over through her window she still keeps it locked just in case. So he does this knock so she can let him in.

Ashlyn slowly gets up from her bed and clicks the window open. She opens the window and sees Aiden with a wide smile.
He was always super excited everytime he came to see her. His hair was a little more messy than usual that was probably because he ran here.
" hey ash! "
" hi. "
Aiden climbs through the window and shuts it behind him. Then Aiden looks at ashlyn. He noticed she seemed very tired.
" hey ash? "
" hmm? " ashlyn hummed in response.
" did you get any sleep before we went to the phantom dimension? "
" ah, no I haven't been able to sleep at all. Even before. "
Ashlyn yawned right after.
" why not? "
" I've been really stressed out lately so I haven't been getting as much sleep. "
" oh"

Aiden thought for a little he didn't know what he could do to help her sleep. Then he had an idea. Back then when Ben and him were younger and they couldn't sleep they would drink a warm beverage like tea or milk. So he held her hand and walked her down stairs to her kitchen quietly as to not wake up her parents.
" Aiden why are we down here" ashlyn whispered.
" you'll see. "
A couple minutes later he hands ashlyn a mug with hot milk in it.
" here, it's supposed to help you sleep. "
" oh, thanks"
She takes a sip then drinks the whole thing. They put the mug I'm the sink and quietly walk back upstairs.
" are you feeling a bit more tired yet? " Aiden asked
" no, not much of a difference "
Ashlyn sighs and lays on her bed. And Aiden lays next to her.

Maybe more than 20 minutes pass with them talking and ashlyn is still not that sleepy.
So he thinks maybe plays with her hair a bit might relax her.
" hey ash? "
" yes? "
" can I brush your hair? "
" please it might help you fall asleep faster "
Ashlyn hesitated and sighed
" fine. "
Aiden got up and grabbed a brush and sat on the bed with his legs criss- crossed.
He then pats a spot in front of him. Ashlyn sighs and sits in front of him with her back facing him. Ashlyn was a little worried Aiden might be rough with her hair. Aiden very slowly began to brush her hair. He made sure he was gentle so that he doesn't hurt her or make her uncomfortable.
Minutes pass and Aiden is still being very gentle with her hair. Ashlyn was surprised on how gentle he was being with her hair. It was also very relaxing. Another at least 10 minutes pass.
" hey ash are you feeling tired yet? "
" I feel a bit more relaxed, not tired though."
Aiden continued to brush her hair as he tried to think of something else to help her fall asleep. After a while he finally decided on something. He stopped brushing her hair for a second and stood up.
Ashlyn looked up at him confused.
" come on ash :) " aiden said walking towards the window.
" where are we going? " ashlyn asked.
" we are going to go watch the moon"
Aiden said opening the window.
Ashlyn was still very confused.
She got her shoes on and looked at Aiden. He was climbing out the window. And he reached his hand out to her.

She gently grasped his hand and climbed out the window with him. Once they were both out the window they sat on the roof in front of the bedroom window.
" we are look at the moon from up here? I thought we were go to the graveyard or something. " ashlyn said
" it's a nicer view up here :) "
" but what if we fall? "
" I won't let you fall don't worry, even if you do I'll catch you"
" oh really? "
" yep, I caught you last time :) "
Ashlyn smiled.
She liked talking to Aiden she felt very comfortable with him.
They sat there in comfortable silence for a bit looking at the moon.
Aiden looked at ashlyn, her long hair was slowly blowing in the wind and her eyes and hair looks like it's glowing in the moonlight.
He continued to admire her beauty. Then ashlyn spoke.
" hey Aiden? "
" uh yeah? "
" thank you "
" for helping me fall asleep a bit."
" oh no problem ash "
" though I do wonder, why we're you trying to to help me fall asleep? "
Aiden hesitated for a moment

" I was helping you because I care about you ash, I want to make sure you get enough sleep. "

Ashlyn smiled at him and not to long later she yawned.
" are you getting tired? " aiden asked
Ashlyn nodded
They slowly moved towards the window so that they wouldn't fall and once they both made it through the window they both sat on ashlyn's bed.
Ashlyn yawned again.

Aiden looked at the time I decided that it was getting late. Aiden he got up and opened the window to leave. But before he was able to leave ashlyn suggested he'd stay the night. He could sleep on the floor and she would sleep on her own bed. He agreed to stay. So he locked her bedroom window and grabbed some blankets and pillows and placed them on the floor. Ashlyn laid in her bed and Aiden laid on the floor. Ashlyn was having a hard time falling asleep. She wanted to talk to Aiden so she turned to see if he was awake. but he had already
Fallen asleep. Ashlyn hesitated on what she wanted to do, then she got up and laid next to Aiden on the floor. She wrapped the blanket around the both of them then snuggled close to him. Then not to long later she fell asleep.

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