very very short oneshot

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I just randomly thought of this

Ashlyn and Aiden were just talking in ashlyn's room right before 12 am and aiden noticed ashlyn was looking distressed.

" Ash? Are you okay? "
Ashlyn shook her head.

" it's the phantom noises. " she said in an annoyed tone, annoyed with the noises she was hearing.

" you hear them outside the
phantom dimension? " aiden asked. Ashlyn nodded

" I hear them all the time even before we met. "

" really? " ashlyn nodded

" They are really annoying. I hate hearing them."

Aiden then covered ashlyn's ears with his hands.
Ashlyn looked up at him confused.

" now you can't hear them anymore :) "
Ashlyn smiled at him and giggled keeping his hands on her ears.


" whenever I'm with you the phantom noises disappear. "
Ashlyn said while smiling.

" that's because my undying love for you is scaring them away :) "
Aiden replied.

{ This is on my sbg head canons as well =] }

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