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Ashlyn x Aiden
(+neck kisses )

For a week now, the group planned on hanging out at the mall and buying stuff. The day comes, Ashlyn’s dad drops off Ashlyn at the mall.

“Bye dad.” she walks away waving.
“See ya trooper!”

She put on her noise canceling headphones, slowly walking by the crowds of people. It was an unexpectedly busy day, the others expected there to be less people since it was a tuesday. Which didn’t end up being the case, Ashlyn bumped into people trying to get through the large crowds and everything was loud.

There was so much talking going on it overwhelmed her. She bumped into another person who pushed her after she bumped into them, they pushed her into another person. Her headphones fell off as she bumped into them, she dropped to the floor covering her ears.
Tears flooded her eyes…it was so loud….too loud….

She squeezed her eyes shut trying to get used to the pain but then suddenly, her hand was grabbed she was pulled from the ground and quickly pulled somewhere else.
Then, she felt the headphones being put back on her, she looked up with tears in her eyes….
It was Aiden, he looked very worried he didn’t have that usual crazy smile on his face.
He wiped her tears and held her face, “ Are you okay Ashlyn?” He asked worriedly. Ashlyn just nodded, he gently hugged her. He kept gently holding her hand.“I'm so glad you’re okay, god those people are horrible they just kicked you around. Not one person stopped to help you.”  

“Let's stay over here for a bit so you can calm down from that.” He smiled at her, sitting her down on the ground. She nodded, sitting down next to him.

They sat there for a while, in silence before Ashlyn spoke up.
“Hey Aiden..?” She asked him.
“Do you know where the others are?”
“I actually dont, they’re supposed to be here but i haven’t seen them i texted them a while ago. I'll check my messages.” He said while grabbing his phone out of his pocket. 
He opened it and there was a four digit pin which was “0603” (Ashlyn’s Birthday).
Ashlyn noted he tried to put in the pin quickly, causing him to get it incorrect multiple times before unlocking it. He nervously laughed as his wallpaper was a picture of him and Ashlyn, he opened the message app and went to the group chat.
4 New messages  -

Logan - sorry guys, i dont think I'm gonna make it. I have a project due D:

Tay   - its oki :D

Ben - i can’t go either lily has a little performance thingy going on at her school

Ty   - Me and tay aren’t gonna be able to make it either we gotta help mum

Ashlyn and Aiden looked at each other in confusion.
“So, it’s gonna be just us?” She asked
“ I guess so..”

“Also why’s your contact name for me “My ashy” with a heart next to it?” She asked him, curious. He blushed, smiling widely.
“Uh- cause it’s just a nickname picked for you” He said nervously smiling, she was still confused though.

“Huh..the mall looks a lot emptier now, i wonder if it was some sort of event those people were having?”  He looked around the mall, Ashlyn hiding behind him.
“Maybe..?” she softly replied.

They walked around the mall a bit, Aiden still holding Ashlyn's hand.
“Ooh, Where should we go first Ashlyn?” She thought for a second, looking around.
“ Can we go get some food?”

He walked her over to the food stands, They stood in line for a pretzel one.
A group of boys around their age were messing around near the line. One of the guys pushed another who bumped into Ashlyn,  Ashlyn tripped a bit and fell into Aiden’s grasp. The group walked away laughing Aiden stared them down all the way until they were out of sight.

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