Picnic date ♡

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Aiden was sitting next to Ben eating breakfast at his dinning table.
Aiden's parents went to work before Ben and Aiden woke up.
Which usually happens, but Ben made breakfast for them like he usually does. Though he doesn't mind cooking at all for him or the others. He made them scrambled eggs, toast and bacon.
Aiden likes bens cooking especially when he makes breakfast or some random dessert like cookies or brownies.

Apart from this Aiden was in a very good mood today.
Because last night in the phantom dimension, aiden finally had enough confidence to tell ashlyn how he felt about her. Ben has been trying to get him to confess to ashlyn for weeks and they finally came up with a plan so that he can confess his feelings.
They weren't really doing anything that night and they we're all in a good mood, so they all just laid around and talked.
Ashlyn was sitting down on the floor in the back of the bus. So Aiden joined her and they talked for a bit. Then Aiden told ashlyn  that he liked her a lot and wanted to be more than friends with her. She was speechless and nervous at first but she admitted that she liked him as well. They spent the rest of the seven hours together.

Afterwards, Aiden suggested they'd go on a picnic date the next day. Ashlyn happily agreed to his idea.
So now, Aiden was excited to spend the day with ashlyn.
There was is a park not to far from where they live. So they decided on that place Ben looked up at Aiden and saw him smiling wider than usual.
Once they woke up from the phantom dimension, Aiden told Ben everything that happened and that him and ashlyn were now dating. Ben knew that they both liked each other, I mean it's pretty obvious and he thought that they would be pretty cute together. So he was really happy for Aiden when he said they were together now.

"I'm guessing from your smile you're excited for today? "
Ben typed

" of course! " Aiden replied enthusiastically.
" you said you were going on a picnic date right? "
" yeah. "
" well what food are going to bring? "
" oh, I'm not sure. "
Aiden thought for a moment then
Ben started typing again.

" if you want I can make you guys some sandwiches or something. "
" really!? " Aiden shot up with pure excitement.
Ben nods.
" Thank you so much ben! "
Ben smiles
Aiden continues to eat the rest of his breakfast.
A couple hours pass and Ben starts the sandwiches he also makes a couple snacks.
Aiden's excitement increases by the minute. Once Ben had finished making the sandwiches for him. He handed them over to aiden, when he was ready to leave.
Aiden thanked Ben again before he ran out the door to ashlyn's house.
He ran down the sidewalk and looked at all the trees and houses as he was running by.
Once he reached her house he knocked on her front door.
A click was heard before the door sung open. Emma, ashlyn's mom was standing in the doorframe.
" oh hey aiden"
" hey! Um, I'm here to pick up ashlyn? "
Emma turned around and called for ashlyn.
Ashlyn came running down the stairs a few moments later.
She smiled when she saw Aiden on the other side of the doorframe.
Emma waved them goodbye  as they walked away.

They talked on the way to the park and while they were walking Aiden thought about holding her hand. He was debating whether he should or not he was worried that he would make her uncomfortable. He decided to hold her hand, he reached out to hold her hand and gently grabbed her hand. Ashlyn noticed this and hesitated at first but then got comfortable with holding his hand.
They held hands until they got to the park.
Once they got there they picked a spot to sit down that was perfectly in the shade. Aiden laid down a blanket he brought for the both of them to sit on.
" it's really nice out today. " ashlyn  says
Aiden nodded
She continues to admire the view before Aiden speaks up. Aiden tells her how earlier on the wya to school yesterday he saw a neighbors dog and how cool it looked and they continue to talk about dogs for the next few minutes.
" hey ash? " Aiden asks
"Hmm? "
" are you hungry? "
" a little. "
Aiden then reaches out to grab the bag that he brought and takes out the sandwiches and snacks Ben made for them.
He hands ashlyn a sandwich.
" here. "
" oh, thanks"
Ashlyn takes the sandwich from him and takes a bite.
" this is a pretty good sandwich. " ashlyn said before taking another bite.
" oh yeah, Ben offered to make the sandwiches and snacks."
" that's nice of him. "
Aiden nodded taking a bite out of his sandwich.

After they finished their sandwiches they continued to talk while eating the other snacks ( they were like chips and fruit).
Aiden stopped eating and laid down on the blanket, ashlyn joined him not to long after. They looked up at the clouds and just laid there in comfortable silence.
Another hour passes and they decided to go back home. So they pack the stuff up and walk back to their houses. Aiden walked ashlyn back to her home. While holding her hand Aiden noticed that ashlyn was smiling she was smiling almost the entire date. She looked very happy, and she was she was happy to be with him and holding his hand. She was happy that she was able to spend the day with him.
Once they reached her house ashlyn thanked Aiden for the date  and that she enjoyed it.
Right before he was about to leave. Ashlyn kissed him on the cheek, smiled and went inside.
Aiden's face turned bright red as he stood there with a wide smile.
He was so happy he was with her. Aiden ran back home and told Ben everything that happened on the date.

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