Camping part 2

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" Beep beep "

Ashlyn's eyes fluttered open hearing a beeping noise right next to her. She looked around to find the source of the noise but quickly realized the noise was coming from her phone on her nightstand. He picked up her phone and it was the alarm she set yesterday for the trip they had today. She swiped it away and the beeping stopped. She set her phone back down and sat up on the edge of her bed and picked up her earplugs and put them in. She got up and took a second to stretch before getting dressed.
She put on a grey t-shirt, one of aiden's sweatshirts and black leggings.

Ashlyn grabbed her bags and walked down the hallway to get down stairs while she was walking down the hallway she heard voices coming from down the hall ' seems like mom and dad are already up. ' she thought to herself and continued walking down stairs. She walked over to the living room couch and placed her bags on the couch and sat right next to it. Footsteps came coming down the stairs and it was her parents with their stuff and set it down of the floor across from where ashlyn was. They seemed like they were already ready to leave. " Hey trooper, you ready? " Mike asked ashlyn, she nodded. " alright then, we are all ready, we just have to wait for everyone else to arrive so we can get things sorted out, right ashlyn? " emma asked " oh yeah, the others said they will be here in a bit. "

While waiting for the others mike and emma talk for a bit, mostly about completely random things. and ashlyn is on her phone texting the others.

Hey u guys ready?

Me and Ben r ready otw rn

Me and tyler r ready just waiting for mom

[ Logan ]
We r ready as well


" Ding Dong "

" hey trooper can you go get the door? " Mike asked ashlyn, she nodded as she set her phone down right next to her and got up to answer the door.
She unlocked the door and turned the doorknob, opening the door. She opened the door and on the other side of the doorframe she saw Aiden, Ben and lily and their parents. She let them in and they set their stuff down. Ashlyn walked to the kitchen there was a bowl on the counter, full of candy she picked up a lollipop and walked toward Ben and lily. She offered lily the lollipop, lily took the lollipop and thanked ashlyn.
Aiden wrapped his arms around ashlyn's waist and gave her a peck on the lips, Ashlyn chuckled.
Then, not to long later Logan and the twins arrived, everyone was here and ready.

They all got their stuff in the cars and they agreed that the group would ride in Mike and Emma's Jeep, Mary and James would ride with lily and Ben's parents. Mariana would ride with Daniel and jessica.
Since it was pretty early in the morning and it would take them hours to get to the cabin they decided to go get some breakfast on the way there.
The long drive began and in the Jeep emma and Mike were in the front seats Mike was driving, ashlyn was sitting in the middle row behind her mom, Aiden in the middle and Logan was on the other side of Aiden.
Ben, Taylor and tyler were in the back Taylor was in the middle.
Ben and Taylor were listening to music and tyler was on his phone. Aiden was showing ashlyn some videos on his phone and Logan was looking out the window.

Once they all reached the restaurant they got two big tables for everyone sit down. Lily and the group sat together and the adults sat at another table.
They ordered their food most of them had either pancakes and eggs or French toast.
Daniel and Jessica offered to pay for the breakfast.
Once they all finished eating they got back in the car and continued to drive.
At least 30 minutes pass and everyone is quiet. Then Taylor speaks up.
" hey guys can we play a game? "
" Sure, what game? " loan asked
" how about... I spy?"
" really? " tyler groaned and rolled his eyes.
" okay! " Aiden said with his usual enthusiasm.
" ok, ok I'm going to start" Taylor says

"I spy... Something.. " she looks around
"Purple! "
They look around the car And outside.
When the car stopped at a stoplight Logan noticed that there was a lot of purple flowers outside by the road.
" are you talking about the purple flowers? "
" nope! "
Ben looked in front of them and saw a car with a purple sticker on the back of it.
"That car's sticker? " Ben typed
" aww, you got it. " Taylor pouted laughing a bit.
" This is so stupid" Tyler said annoyingly.
Taylor rolled her eyes.
" can I go next? " Logan asked
" sure! "
" I spy... Something, yellow. "
" The leaves? " Aiden asked
" no"
" That car? " Taylor asked
" no "
Tyler looked to the front and saw that there was a yellow pen inside the cup holder.
" Logan, are you talking about the pen? " he asked
" oh, yeah. " Logan chuckled
" you're playing?" Aiden asked.
" ugh, no you guys seemed like you weren't ever going to get it, I just helped you out a bit. "
" sure, sure. " Taylor said
Tyler groaned and sat back. Taylor chuckled at him. Mike and Emma decided to join the game and they continued to play for another fifteen minutes then do their own thing.
At least another hour passes and Emma and Mike are talking, Logan fell asleep so did ashlyn she fell asleep on Aiden who's on his phone and gently playing with her long braids.
Tyler was on his phone watching videos and Ben was drawing. Taylor was watching whatever Tyler was watching then she started to get really drowsy so she closed her eyes and relaxed trying to fall asleep. Although she did end up falling asleep but, she fell asleep with her head on ben's shoulder. Ben was startled by this at first but then just let her be. He didn't want to move her because she looked so well rested and because he didn't mind her sleeping on his shoulder.
He looked over at Tyler who hasn't noticed Taylor was asleep yet. So Ben carefully continued drawing trying not to wake Taylor up.

Though he eventually stopped drawing and relaxed looking out the window. Ben then started getting sleepy as well and accidentally fell asleep with his head on top of Taylor's.
Tyler looked over to see if his sister was still awake and saw Ben and taylor. Tyler was going to move her at first, but decided to leave her alone as to not wake her up. Everyone eventually fell asleep for the next hour.

In Daniel and Jessica's car Jessica and Marianna are already asleep they were all talking and listening to music for most of the car ride. While with Ben's parents and Logan's grandparents they were all talking while lily was asleep. Before she fell asleep she was playing games on Mary's phone.

Emma looked at GPS, then looked back up. " you need to take a right here. " she told Mike
" alright " Mike said as he made a right. As he drove down the street he saw the cabin.
" I think that's it. " Emma said
" yeah it's it. " Mike said while turning to park. Once he placed the Jeep in park they took a second to stretch before turning off the car. Mike turned
" hey guys we're here!"

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