Ben x tay short oneshot :00

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Tyler was sitting in a chair in his room, slightly moving it side to side with his foot. He was scrolling through his phone. usually he would be texting Logan, but he's at his astronomy club right now. Taylor was at her mechanic's club as well so it was just him. 
' I wonder why Taylor is taking so long her club should've been over a while ago. ' worry filled his chest. Then suddenly, he got a text from Taylor it read. ' Sorry I won't be home for a bit longer I'm hanging with Ben.'
Tyler replied with an ' ok' and put his phone down. This is not the first time it had happened. Taylor asked Ben to come to her club after school to show him the stuff they do and he agreed after that they hung out a lot more often. Tyler groaned at the thought of them dating. Not to mention, Aiden and ashlyn have been dating for about a month or so it's  not impossible that Taylor won't date someone.

- Taylor and ben-

Ben stayed after school to visit Taylor's club again afterwards, he helped her tidy up after all the other club members had left.  Then Ben asked if she could come over and they could hang out a bit. Taylor agreed he texted Tyler first to notify him that she wasn't gonna be home till a bit later.
Once they entered his house they went to his room. Aiden and Ben share a room which explains the smiley face stuff around the room which Taylor noted. They talked while playing Uno for a bit. Then they just sat there listening to music and Ben was drawing. Taylor laid her head on his shoulder trying to see what he's drawing he was drawing her.
Taylor smiled widely as she hugged him. Ben's cheeks turned a light shade of pink.
Finally, they continued to talk for hours then Taylor had to go home and help her mother prepare for dinner. Ben gave Taylor a teddy bear he told her that when him and Aiden went to the store not to long ago he bought it and wanted to give it to her. She hugged him one last time and kissed him on the cheek. Ben's face turned pink,  as well as Taylor's. Then she left waving goodbye to him smiling widely. Ben waved back.

- Taylor and Tyler-

Once Taylor got home she opened the door said hello to her mom and ran upstairs to see tyler.
She opened the bedroom door full of excitement. Tyler questioned her, " what are you all excited about? "
Taylor hid the bear behind her back. She then pulled the teddy bear from her back showing her brother.
" look at what Ben got me! "
She yelled with excitement.
Tyler looked at the bear suspiciously as Taylor squeezed it tightly. Tyler sighed " that's cool. " he said smiling. he didn't like that Ben gave her a gift like that but, he was happy that his sister was happy over the gift so he left it alone for now.

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