sneaking out

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{ I'm currently making another one that has more than one parts to it so stay tuned for that. And there are going to be some SEASON FINALE SPOILERS in here!
But this is just what I think is going to happen when they all wake up.)

When they woke up from the phantom dimension everyone in the group was relieved to find it that Tyler was okay. His stomach just hurt very very badly lucky, they had some pain killers and it helped with the pain a bit. Taylor was very happy that her brother was okay and hugged him the entire time. Though they realized they were in the bus for a little to long and the parents probably started getting suspicious about why they are taking so long.
So when they went off the bus Tyler suggested they play the birthday song for lily so they brought the guitar.
Then Ben started to play happy birthday on the guitar for lily. Afterwards, Ben's heart warmed up after seeing her sister so happy.
They all talked for a bit longer, they cooked some s'mores. For at least another hour, then Naomi suggested that they should all get some sleep since it's getting pretty late. ( it was like around 1 almost 2 am.)
They all agreed since most of them were falling asleep. So Jessica and Emma put most of the food away William and Mike put the folded chairs away.
James and Mary put out the fire.
Then everyone else cleaned up the rest of the mess.
Everyone went home and Ben's parents were staying at aiden's house for a while so they went there. And ashlyn and her parents started getting ready to sleep.

Mary and James instantly fell asleep when they got home. Logan stared at the ceiling thankful that Tyler was okay and wasn't dead. Though he couldn't stop thinking about him and worrying if he's really okay or not so he texted Tyler until he fell asleep.

Mariana stayed up for a bit longer reading a book before going to bed. And taylor and Tyler fell asleep very quickly though it took Tyler a bit longer to fall asleep from what happened back in phantom dimension and in the meantime assured Logan that he was okay and was not in that much pain.

Lily and Ben were already extremely tired when they got home so they just went straight upstairs and went to sleep. The adults weren't that tired yet so they all just hung out in the living room watched TV for a little bit.
Aiden wasn't really tired either he was still up from what happened back in the phantom dimension. And the thought they are going to have to go back to that horrible place kept him awake. The adrenaline that was going through his veins from the entire seven hours was still there. So he just laid there completely bored.

He scrolled through his phone to get his mind off of the phantom dimension but there was nothing that caught his eye. He sighed and turned off his phone screen through his phone to the side of his Bed and turned over. He laid there staring at the clock on his dresser right next to his bed. It read "2:30 am" he tried to close his eyes in hopes of falling asleep.  But nothing. He turned over again staring at the wall. Then his phone lit up so he grabbed it and looked at it. It was just an game notification so he swiped it away but right when he was about to put his phone down he looked at his lock screen. It was him and ashlyn, they went out to eat together that day and she was very happy. In the picture you can see her smiling wide.

Aiden smiled at the picture. He adored ashlyn he loved her so much. That's when had an idea he decided to go see ashlyn. Ben and lily were in the same room asleep so he knew he had to be very quiet as to not wake them up. He put on his shoes and a jacket he was wearing earlier and carefully opened his bedroom window as to not make any sound. Then he carefully crawled through the window and shut it behind him. He jumped down from his window and started walking to ashlyn's house. Once he reached her house he climbed up the side of her house to get to her window. Hoping that she's awake he knocked on her window. He waited a few minutes but, there was no answer so he figured that she was asleep. So he turned around to get off the roof.

Then suddenly he heard a click behind him and the window slid open. It was ashlyn she was wearing a sage green tank top black shorts and her hair was unbraided. He instantly shot up when he saw her and he came in through the window she shut it behind him. Aiden instantly wrapped his arms around her squeezing her tight she smiled at him and hugged him back. She then broke the silence.
" what are you doing here? A thought you would be asleep by now. "
He let go of her for a second.
" yeah, I couldn't really sleep so I came over to see my favorite person. "
Aiden replied, ashlyn chuckled at his Statement.
" I couldn't really sleep either "
Ashlyn says wrapping her arms around aiden's neck hugging him close.
" could I stay here for the night? "
" I don't mind. "
They let go of each other once again and they decide to try and fall asleep so they both get into ashlyn's bed and snuggle up close to one another.
It doesn't really take long before ashlyn falls asleep in aiden's arms. Aiden moves ashlyn's bangs  out of the way and kisses her forehead and pulls her closer.
" goodnight princess. " Aiden says before falling asleep holding her. For some reason, being with her always seems to calm him down and forget all the bad things they are going through right now. He's always just been so happy to be with a person like her and he is very grateful for that.

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