logan x tyler short

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( this is a logan birthday special 😎😎✨)

Tyler isn't really sure how it started but he began having feelings for logan. At first, tyler saw him as being annoying or weak. But now he feels bad for all the things he has thought or said to him. He's actually proud of Logan for standing up for himself and being strong. It helped Tyler get used to the others and getting along with them more because he realized that in the situation their in, they only have each other and he should've brought Logan up instead of bringing him down and making him feel pathetic.
Over the months they've all been together he has gotten closer with logan. Even maybe has feelings for him, the butterflies he gets in his stomach when he See's Logan around. He told his sister Taylor about his feelings for logan of course she teased him a bit but was willing to help him confess to logan about his feelings.

It's been a pretty slow day, they all went through several exams and class was just very long. Afterwards that went to ashlyns as usual and discuss the plans for the phantom dimension. Then taylor went to her mechanic's club and logan went to his. Tyler was supposed to go to practice but it was cancelled due to the coach being absent due to a family emergency. So Tyler stayed home with his mother to help out around the house. Then about an hour or two later taylor returned home a little late since she was with Ben for a while, It also started to rain a bit.
They helped their mother prepare dinner then right as they were about to eat they heard a knock at the door. Tyler got up to go answer the door he turned the knob and opened door front door. Right before him was logan, completely soaked. It was rain hard outside Tyler's eyes widened. " logan!? " Tyler yelled in shock. Logan smiled at him obviously shivering in the cold. Taylor and mariana stood up and walked over to the door. Tyler grabbed Logan's hand and dragged him in the house. " Taylor can you go get some towels? " Mariana asked. Taylor nodded and rushed up the stairs.
Tyler went to go make a hot drink for him. Mariana gently had her hands on his shoulders and sat him down infront of the fireplace.

Taylor came back with the towels and Tyler with the hot drink. Logan took a sip from the hot beverage. " mmm, thanks guys I really appreciate it. "
" you're welcome you can stay for as long as you like. " Mariana said
Logan smiled up at her.
"Hey Logan did you call your grandparents about you coming over here? " Taylor asked.
" Ah, no I didn't my phone died on the way over here. "
" If you want you can use my phone. " Tyler crouched next to him.
" oh thanks Tyler " Logan took the phone from Tyler and called his grandparents and told them where he's at.

Afterwards, they ate dinner and Taylor and Mariana went upstairs to do laundry. Tyler stayed down stairs with Logan they have been talking for about an hour now. Mostly, Just chatting about random things. Tyler began to feel those butterflies come back again. His face heats up and Logan notices.
" hey are you okay? "
" oh uh yeah. "
Logan looks at him curiously and hands him a bottle of water. Tyler takes the bottle and drinks from it Before Logan speaks up.
" hey Tyler? "
Tyler sets the bottle of water down and looks at Logan.
" hmm? "
" I gotta tell you something. " Logan looked down and began nervously Fidgeting with his fingers.
"What is it? "
" I.. I like you Tyler. " Logan said quietly while looking at the floor.
Tyler's eyes widened and his checked got brought red he looked at the floor as well and touched the back of his neck.
" umm.. I like you too Logan. " Tyler replied the two still not making eye contact.
" wait really? "
Tyler nodded.
Logan smile got wide and he blushed.
Then he rested his head on Tyler's shoulder. He froze for a second then he relaxed wrapping his arm around logan. They stayed like that for a while until it was time for logan to leave since the rain slowed down.

He got up and Tyler handed him his stuff as well as an umbrella. Logan hugged Tyler and quickly pecked his lips before walking out the door waving goodbye. Tyler slowly waved back still dumbfounded.
Once Tyler shut the front door Taylor began teasing him about Logan kissing Tyler. They went back to their room reflecting on the day.

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