Flowers ♡

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I had this idea and I just had to write it >:)

Aiden was sitting on the desk chair in his room scrolling through his phone bored. Ben was sitting on the bed drawing in his notebook. He stopped scrolling for a second and looked around his room. He got up and walked towards the door Ben looked up at him in confusion.
" I'm going to go get some chips. "
" do you want me to get you some as well? " Aiden asked
Ben nodded in reply
Aiden opened the door and went down stairs. He opened the pantry and grabbed some chips.
( it was like Doritos or smth)
When he got back to the room Ben was drawing flowers. Earlier when they came home from the store Ben found a couple flowers near the front porch. A couple were blue, green and yellow and only 2 of them were orange and pink. Aiden sat down next to Ben " are those the flowers front the front porch?" Aiden asked
Ben nodded.
One specific flower caught Aiden's eye, the orange one it was a beautiful bright shade of orange with a bit of red in the center.
The flower instantly reminded him of someone, Ashlyn.
" can I see that one? " Aiden asked Ben.
He nodded.
Aiden gently picked up the flower and looked at it with such admiration, thinking of ashlyn.
The color was just like her bright long orange hair.
It wasn't just the color the flower stem was very durable.
Which reminded of of how strong she was.
The flower was perfect and beautiful, just like her.
He blushed at that thought.

He smiled wider thinking about her. While looking at the flower.
Ben looked at Aiden and instantly knew who he was thinking about. Ben grabbed his phone and started to type.
" I wonder what that color reminds you of " Ben typed
Aiden rolls his eyes.
" you can keep it if you want it aiden"
" oh thanks :) " Aiden smiled wider
Aiden went downstairs and grabbed a little jar and filled it with water and took it back upstairs. He put the orange flower in it.

~A couple hours later~
Aiden and Ben decided to go on a walk because Aiden was bored. Ben looked around while Aiden was talking. Ben spotted a bush and it had tons of flowers in it. they were pink roses. That was taylor's favorite so he walked towards it and picked some.

Aiden walked towards Ben.
" what'cha doin? " Aiden asked
" picking flowers. " Ben typed
" for who? Taylor?? "
Ben blushed and looked away
Aiden chuckled " knew it "
Ben grabbed the roses and continued to walk.

They walked and talked for a bit longer then they ran into ashlyn and Taylor.
Taylor and ashlyn to the movies and got some food. ( close friend thing not a ship -)
Taylor noticed them.
" Ben! Aiden! Hey! " Taylor waved with a smile so did ashlyn and they waved back.
They walked up to Aiden and ben.
" hey guys, what are you guys doing out here? " Taylor asked
" we were just going for a walk" Aiden replied
" what about you guys? "
" oh, we were just hanging out we went to the movies and got some food. "
" cool :) "
Aiden looked at ashlyn.
* she's still beautiful as always*
Aiden thought to himself.

" oh Ben! What are those? " Taylor asked
Ben lifted his hand revealing the pink roses.
" oh wow! There so pretty! Who are they for?"
Ben blushed as he moved his arm towards Taylor implying that they are for her.
" wait their for me? "
Ben nodded
Taylor blushed as she took the roses from him.
She smiled
" aww thank you so much ben I love them! "
Ben smiled and nodded, glad she loves them
" I can't wait to show tyler! "
Taylor walked up to Ben and kissed his cheek.
Bens face turned pink
And Taylor smiled.

Ashlyn and aiden were watching the whole thing smiling.
" they're cute " ashlyn said
Aiden hummed in agreement.
Ashlyn scooted towards Aiden and rested her head on his shoulder. Aiden wrapped his arm around her and put his head on top of hers. " I missed you, ash " Aiden said
" but you saw me a couple hours ago. "
" I know but I still missed you :) "
Ashlyn sighed playfully as she wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him. He hugged her back not to long after and kissed her forehead.
" I love you ash "
" I love you too idiot "
ashlyn smiled.
Once they separated Taylor and ashlyn continued their day and Ben and Aiden went home.

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