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Ashlyn curled up in a ball in the corner of the bathroom, rocking back and forth slightly. She couldn't believe that she had just killed an infected; Something that was human once. she could still hear the snap and crack of its neck, the way it was so easy to kill it. Just how it looked afterwards made her wanna vomit. She felt so disgusting in a way. She never thought she'd do something like that.

She was exhausted, this whole situation was just.. Insane. And everything escalated so fast in just a brief amount of days..
Tyler died, Aiden died, They all got taken to this facility.. She killed someone. God, she felt like throwing up again at the thought of seeing that woman from the sorrel weed house.
The fact they caused all this on purpose makes her stomach turn.

"I wanna go home.." She mumbled hugging her knees
Then there was a sudden knock on the door, she slowly lifted her head from her knees.
A voice had spoke right after the knocks
"Ms. banner?" it was Alex's voice, her shoulders relaxed a bit. 'Thank god it wasn't anyone else.' she thought to herself.
She let out a hum in response, "may I come in?' he spoke again. She just lifted her arm up and unlocked the bathroom door, scooting away a bit so she doesn't get hit by the door.

The door carefully swung open and he was standing there with the items to draw her blood. She rolled her eyes and held her arm out. He first disinfected the area with an alcohol wipe. Then, took the nettle and pushed it into her skin, drawing her blood. Then quickly took it out of her skin, placing a small dog bandaid on top.

There was an uncomfortable silence "how are your injuries?" Pointing to the bandaged scratches on her face. "Fine." She spoke quickly, trying not to look at Alex.
He sighed, then the sound of ruffled paper caught her attention. Turning her head back over to him, he took out what looked like an envelope. She tilted her head in confusion as he held it towards her.

"Someone wanted me to give this to you." He whispered to not be heard by the camera. Ashlyn hesitantly took it from his hands.
"I was told not to read it, so I have no clue what it says." He told her before standing up from the tiled floor, grabbing his kit before walking out the bathroom gently closing the door behind him.

Ashlyn stared at the envelope in confusion "who would give me an envelope..?" she thought to herself. She should've asked Alex where it came from, she quickly opened the bathroom door to see if Alex was still in the room. Though, he had already left. She shut the door and sat back on the bathroom floor, leaned against the wall.

She very gently opened the envelope, seeing a small note inside. She took the note out, placing the envelope on the floor. She opened the note it read;

"Hey Ash, Alex told me what happened with u but I don't believe him so I'm just making sure ur actually okay and these idiots aren't lying to me cuz I can't go see for myself. Please let me know that ur okay :(

Ps. You should totally write a note back >:)"

she softly smiled at the note, she found it kinda cute that he was worried over her well-being. Especially when he sent her a note when he'd see her in the phantom dimension in a couple of hours. She thought for a moment before walking out of the bathroom and going into the room, leaving the envelope and note there to not be seen by cameras. She walked over to her desk and grabbed two pieces of paper and a pen.

She (attempted) folded one to look like an envelope. She sat it down next to her and thought about what to write back. She tapped her cheek with the pen and she stared at the paper. "Hm.." She hummed. Before beginning to write something down, occasionally pausing to think of what to say. Once she finished she put her note in the envelope. She smiled at herself as she waited for Alex to come back for the second blood draw.

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