spending time together

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This isn't a full oneshot just wholesome little things I might turn into oneshots. This might help me get over her in a way, going over all the memories again. So everything is based on what me and my ex have done together ig.

Aiden and ashlyn's first date was a picnic date at a nearby park
Aiden made a flower out if paper to give to ash. Ashlyn kept it in her room as a reminder.

Their second date they went to the movies Aiden picked ash from her house bought the tickets. After the movie, they went to a nearby smoothie shop and got smoothies. Afterward they got a small box of pizza and Aiden spent the night at her house.

Usually, when Aiden would hang out at her house he'd end up spending the night there. They would mostly cuddle and watch TV together. Sometimes they would go to a small store nearby and grab some drinks.

Emma and Mike had to go the mall for some clothes or smth and they let ash and Aiden walk around a bit they went to multiple different stores. They first went to spirit Halloween cuz Aiden rly wanted to go in there. Then they went to go see the dogs and cats in a nearby store. Finally,  they went in one of those spiritual stores and looked around, Aiden looked at one of the crystals that read ' produces undying love' smth like that ig Aiden picked one up and looked up at ash and moved his arm in a circle right in front of her as if he was casting a spell on her. And asked " is it working? " they laughed and met up with Emma and Mike before leaving.

On one very cold day ashlyn forgot her jacket at home because she thought it wouldn't have been that cold. But it was and Aiden noticed her shivering and offered his jacket he put it around her shoulders. He let ashlyn keep the jacket and she still wears it.

In the phantom dimension on one their missions they stopped to get some drinks. Aiden and ashlyn were walking around when Aiden looks at a tree and notices many people have left their initials on it. Aiden took out his knife and walked over to it and he carved " A+A" on the tree.  Ashlyn was blushing like crazy afterward.

They did one of those couple painting things together. They finger painted little flowers over the canvas.

Tell me some requests cuz I'm bored and feel like writing smth plz

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