°Chapter 24° You Can't Hide From Me

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Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers, Michael Bay and Hasbro do. I only own my Oc, plot twits, and evil cliffhangers.~Hannah

||Unknown P.O.V||

"Did you hear about the new prisoner?" I sneer at the white wall in front of me, my metal cuffs dragging against the dank concrete floor as I move closer to the voices.

"You mean the one that got dragged in by the military?" So they have heard of me. Good..very good. Though I have only been resident at this prison for only a day, perhaps two, the guards already talk about me frequently. It makes me proud that such pathetic people fear m-

"Yeah, that's the asshole." I growl, banging my chained hands against the metal bars.

"You fool!" I yell furiously. "You will fear me!" The guard, the one I so badly wish to kill with my own two hands, just scoffs at my demand.

"The only thing I'll fear is getting touched by your grimy hands!" He growls as he bangs his nightstick against the metal bars that confine me.

"Fool." My eyes snap over to the other guard as he mutters this, shaking his head bemusedly.

"Excuse me?" I ignore the guard the dare defies me, keeping my eyes locked on the guard in front of me. The one that seems...off.

"You have more to fear than just him." As he speaks I notice that his jaw is firm, as if he's having a hard time forcing the words out of his mouth.

"Oh really?" Mr.Fool, whom I have come to name him, asks; his right eyebrow cocked as he stares at the other guard. "What exactly do I have to fear wise guy?"

The other guard smirks, and brings his right hand up to his face; his fingers trailing softly against his sunglasses.

"Me." And, with the grace of an angel, the guard removes his sunglasses.

"What...what the hell are you?!" I smirk, relaxing against the wall as I watch the man stalk towards Mr.Fool.

Soon I would be free of this prison, and once again be free to do as I please.

The only downside...

I'll have to work with the man standing in front of me. Though, perhaps man isn't the correct adjective in this situation.

Because last time I checked....humans don't have red eyes that shine like rubies in the sunlight.

||Tanya's P.O.V||

"Barricade?" I grumble as I attempt to free myself from underneath his hand.

"Tanya?" He mocks. I huff, crossing my arms over my chest.

"Can I please finish watching the movie?" I whine. "This part even isn't that bad!"

"Isn't bad?" He questions loudly. "For Primus sake human! This part is the complete definition of bad!" I will admit that watching a fat, naked man running through a closed store at night is, by itself, bad. But that doesn't mean Barricade should have to cover up half of my face with his damn hand!

"I'm not a child, Barricade! I can watch what ever I fucking want to!" I growl, bringing my hands to grip his. "Now let me watch the damn movie!" I huff and, with quick movements, rip his hand off of my face.

I blink as my eyes get adjusted to the light of the room. I hear Barricade grunt as he's pushed away from me, nearly falling off the bed.

Although my attention is primarily focused on the scene that's currently playing out on the T.V. "Holy...shit." I mumble, my eyes wide at the sight.

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