°Chapter 3° Lake Party...and Transforming Cars?

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Disclaimer: I do not Transformers, or any of the original cast. I only own my crazy OC, and any plot twists/plot bunnies that there might be. ~Hannah

I never thought driving Miles to a lake party would be so..amusing! The entire drive was spent listening to songs that sent a clear message to Miles: I'm never ever dating you. Although, I could have sworn the radio stations changed on their own. Oh well, as long as it gives Miles the right message, I'm fine with it.

"Can we just turn the radio off?" Miles mumbles for about the 100th time.

"Nope." I answer, popping the 'p'. Miles just shakes his head, and I smirk. I truly love playing with his pea sized brain. If he even has a brain.

As we near the lake I literally shove Miles out of my truck. Not that I needed help, my truck shoved him out on its own. Best.Truck.Ever. I smile wickedly as I hear Miles land on the ground with a 'oompf'.

"God dammit Tai!" Miles whines.

"Not Tai moron. It's Tanya. Tanya Wess." I say using my James Bond voice. (Just had to XD)

"Whatever." Miles mumbles as he runs over to Sam. I sigh happily while reclining my seat. Just because I said I would drive Miles here, doesn't mean I'm going to mingle. I prefer being single. Now before any of you judge me, let me just say this. How many people get to say they're a single pringle? Mmmm..pringles. I'm sure I'll find someone who loves guns as much as I do one day...maybe. But for now, I shall live as a single pringle!

"Speaking of guns, I need to clean Bullseye." I mutter to myself. Now call me crazy all you want, but I swear my truck lurched forward..in shock. Surprise? I don't know how to explain it...I think my truck is..alive. Ha! Now I officially lost my mind. Or have I?

"Let me in!" Miles shouts, banging on my truck.

"Are you hitting my truck?" I growl, lowering my window.

"I've been out here for five minutes, trying to get your attention!" Miles complains. Huh, I guess talking to yourself passes time fast...alright then.

"Sorry Miles. Wait? Isn't Sam supposed to drive you home?" I ask. Sam better be driving him home. The whole deal we made was that I would drive Miles to the party, and he would give him a ride home.

"No, he kicked me out!" Miles replies kicking at the dirt. Sam...you shall die by my spoon of fury.

"Well I'm NOT driving you home," I sneer. "Okay..do your thing." I whisper to my truck, testing out a theory.

At first silence, but then the engine roars to life. Oh hell yes!

"See ya Miles!" I shout out the window as I tear away. As I look back at Miles, I burst out laughing at his flustered face.

"Best truck ever." I whisper happily; patting the dashboard. Oh yeah, definitely best truck ever.

~~~~Sexy Line Break~~~~Time Skip~~~~

To say Sam got hurt is an understatement. Now don't go and start calling me an abuser. Because that's not what I do! Instead of enforcing physical pain, I enforce...mental pain. You see, as a Witwicky, there is nothing more valuable than perfect hair. Yeah, Ron might be bald, but back in the day he had amazing hair. Okay now I'm sounding creepy. Anyway, I decided to mess with his hair the best way ever....I added pink hair coloring to his shampoo. And if my hypothesis is correct, it should turn his hair pink. Now there's only one flaw to this plan, Sammy only showers once and a while; only three times a week. Yuck I know, but hey, he's a boy. So now my only hope is that he showers soon.

"Tai you home?" Sam calls from downstairs.

"Shit!" I exclaim while hiding any evidence.

"Tai? What are you doing in my bathroom?" Sam asks with a frown. Shit! How the hell did he get up here so fast!?

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