°Chapter 16° Can You Catch Me In Time?

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Disclaimer: I do not, under any circumstances, own Transformers. I only my Oc and the many plot twists I add.~Hannah


As we drive towards Mission City, I smile when I see the Autobots drive past us...going the wrong way.

"Barricade I need to get a hold of them!" I exclaim as they do a 'U' turn. "I need to let them know you're with us." I add when Ratchet blares his sirens. I hear a grunt, and my eyes widen as Barricade's glove department pops open...a small Cybertronian jumping out.

"Frenzy, hack into Optimus Prime's comlink." The bot, Frenzy, nods and starts typing on a small computer.


"Barricade? What the hell....who the hell?" I mumble, staring wide eyed at Frenzy.

"I found my creation at the damn." Barricade responds. Before I have time to remark Optimus' baritone voice fills Barricade's cab.

"This is Optimus Prime, identify yourself."

"Uh...hey." I say awkwardly.


"Tanya? What are you doing with a Decepticon?" I roll my eyes.

"You mean former Decepticon? And now is not the time. Tell the others that Barricade is with us." There's a moment of awkward silence before Optimus speaks again.

"Understood...I will inform the others. And Barricade?"

"Yes Prime?"

"Keep Tanya safe. I will not stop Ironhide if he becomes violent." Barricade grunts and picks up speed.

"Understood, sir." With that Frenzy clicks the comlink off, and turns to me, his crimson optics locking with my icy blue eyes.

"Designation Tanya?" He asks. I nod slowly.

"Indeed." Frenzy nods...moving so he's sitting in my lap.

"Carrier trust Tanya, Frenzy protect Tanya."

'Sparky? What the hell?' Sparky chuckles.

'You'll soon see.'

Well thanks Sparky, that helps.

"Good..to know." I say slowly, petting Frenzy's small head. He purrs, and leans into the touch.

"Hold on." Barricade demands, picking up speed.

"What? What's wrong?" I ask, holding Frenzy tight in my lap.

"We are being followed." Barricade snarls.

Just by his tone I know it's the Decepticons.

"Really? Who?" I say, turning to look behind us, my eyes widening. "Holy shit! Is that a Buffalo!?" I scream noticing the now transforming Decepticon behind us. I tense as Optimus slows down, slowly transforming into his actual form. It only gets worse as he tackles the Decepticon, sending both of them off the bridge.

"Is he going to be okay?" I ask frantically.

'He will be fine young one.'

For some odd reason I couldn't help but feel overly concerned for Optimus. I know I don't want him getting hurt, but this is different.

'I hope you're right Sparky.'


Once we get to Mission City, we work on contacting military support.

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