°It All Begins Here...Or Does It?°

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"No family is perfect. We argue, we fight. We even stop talking to each other at times, but in the end, family is family...the love will always be there."

Then tell me, tell me where the love is. Because I can't see it.

A Mother...

"A mother's love is unlimited and never fades."

Did the love fade? Is that why she doesn't love me anymore?

A Father...

"Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad."

I guess my dad isn't special...because he will never be a dad...to me.

The Truth...

"You can't change the truth, but the truth can change you."

Is that why I'm different? Is it because I know my parents don't love me?

The Lies...

"Lies are like scars to the soul. They destroy you."

I have a lot of scars then. I'm told lies everyday...


"You were given this life, because your strong enough to live it."

Are you sure? Is there anything for me to live for?


"The tragedy of life is not death, but what we let die inside of us while we live."

I'm confused. I let my family die, but it doesn't feel like a tragedy. Is...that a good thing?


Most people think they have everything in world, and they probably do. They have a family, one that makes them happy. They have a loving mother and father.


I have nothing.

No one.

Well...except for Sparky.

I have her.

She's been with me since the beginning. She's like the mother I wish I had.

Yeah, it's hard to believe.

Me, Tanya Fey Wess, has no one...except someone who may..or may not exist. It's true though.

Don't believe me? Then watch.

Watch as my entire life is spilled out in front of you.

Then you tell me.

Am I truly alone?

~Sexy Line Break~

I decided to redo this part, I felt like introducing the character was...boring. Like a wise man once said:

"As a reader I loathe introductions...Introductions inhibit pleasure, they kill the joy of anticipation, they frustrate curiosity."

So yeah, I redid this chapter.

But for new readers:

Welcome to my crazy world. I hope you enjoy your stay. And be warned: there will be a heavy amount of swearing.

You have been warned.

Dedication: @findingwonders_

Thank you for being an amazing friend. I'm able to write this book with help from your crazy inspiration, and all of your help. So thank you :D

~Till all are one, stay fluffy~Hannah♡

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