°Chapter 6° They Know Sparky?

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Disclaimer: I do not own anything that relates to Transformers, except this fanfic of course. I only own my Oc Tanya, and my plot twists~Hannah


"Wake up femme." A gruff voice grunts. I groan, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. Who the heck said that? Memories flash in front of my eyes...

Buying a truck...

Seeing two giant robots...

Being chased by a evil robot...

My truck coming to the rescue...

"Oh!" I gasp, sitting forward. I'm sitting..inside..a freaking robot! Okay, that just sounds weird.

"Are you well?" The voice asks, the sound coming from the radio. I gape at the radio for a minute before finally speaking.

"Y-yeah I'm fine." I mutter weakly. These memories are really giving me a hard time. He...at least I hope it's a he (No really? Ironhide is totally a girl XP) doesn't respond, sending the inside of the truck into an awkward silence.

Might as well break it...

"What's your name?" I ask shyly.

"What is..a name femme?" The voice responds. He doesn't know what a name is? Is he...but then memories of Sparky talking to me rack my brain.


'What is your designation young one?' Sparky asks as I wait to be taken back to testing.

'Sparky...what is a designation?' I ask, completely confused.

'You do not know what a designation is?' She asks, completely dumbfounded.

'Well..no. Should I?'

'Of course you should. Every Sparkling is given a designation.' Sparky remarks. I have no idea what she's talking about.

'Can you explain? Please?' I ask, combing through my multicolored hair.

'Of course young one. A Sparkling is what you humans call a human offspring.' Sparky begins explaining.

'So...a baby in your world is called a Sparkling?' I ask.

'Indeed dear. And a designation is what humans call..your name.' Sparky says, slowly towards the end, possibly unsure of the answer.

'Oh! So designation means name!' I giggle. Sparky's warm laughter echoes within my head.

'Indeed dear. Now, what is your designation?'

'Hehe, my name's Tanya.' I giggle.

'You have a beautiful designation young one.' Sparky remarks warmly. She makes my face lift into a smile, one I don't wear often in this place.

'Thank you, no one's said that before. But your name is better, and funny.' I say, gigging at the end.

'Thank you dear, you have a funny way coming up with names.' Sparky chuckles, the sound warming my spirit.

'Thank you..Sparky.' I whisper gently.

~~~~End of Memory~~~~

I blink my eyes, regaining my sight; the ghost of a smile on my face.

"I mean. What's your designation?" I try again. A few seconds pass before he replies.

"My designation is Ironhide, femme." Ironhide grumbles.

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