°Chapter 23° This Is My New Family

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Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers, Michael Bay and Hasbro do. I only own my Oc, plot twists, and evil cliffhangers.~Hannah


After waiting forever for this to happen..it's finally happening. I'm actually going to have a family that cares for me...or at least I hope so. I don't think Will has told his wife, Sarah, about me yet; or his daughter. I'm worried Sarah won't approve of me, or will force Will to bring me back to the Autobots. But, from what Will has told me, Sarah is a caring person and mother. So I don't have too much to worry about...right?

Although, as Barricade drives down the road leading to Will's home my doubts continue to build, and my confidence dwindles.

'You seem worried child,' Sparky murmurs softly. 'What troubles you so?' I sigh, biting my lip as I look out the window of Barricade's alt. mode.

'I don't know..I suppose I'm just worried.' I reply softly, letting out a small sigh when I feel her tug on our bond.

'Worried? Why are you worried, young one?'

'What if Sarah doesn't want me?' I mumble pathetically, sinking down in Barricade's passenger seat. There's a moment of silence before Sparky replies.

'Dear, you've heard what Will has said about his sparkmate. She's a kind being, she wouldn't reject you.' Sparky's words do little to soothe me as the house comes into view.

'My old mom did.' I whisper sadly.

"We've reached our destination." Barricade's voice sounds from the radio, his holoform long gone.

"I suppose we have." I mumble, my eyes locking onto Ironhide's alt. mode as his door opens, Will jumping out with his duffle bag in hand. He doesn't waste time in running towards the house, probably to embrace his wife and daughter. I can only guess since Ironhide is blocking my view of the house..my new home...possibly.

"Are you not going to get out?" Barricade asks, my eyes locking onto his holoform as it fizzles on. I let out a sigh through my nose, shrugging.

"I should let Will have time with his wife and daughter." I mumble, hoping 'Cade would let it go.

"Tanya.." Apparently he won't let it go.

I huff, looking out the window. "You can't make me." I say, my eyes locked on the trees that surrounded the property. Barricade doesn't respond and I smirk when I hear his holoform fizzle off.

"Looks like I wi- What are you doing!?" I shriek. Barricade's holoform smirks down at me, his arms crossed.

"Getting you out." He states bluntly. Apparently his idea of getting me out is to literally drag me out. I huff, shaking my head.

"You can't make me." I repeat, crossing my arms. He snorts, and before I can react the seat belt retracts from around me; allowing Barricade to pick me up and toss me over his shoulder.

"Put me down Barricade!" I demand as I pound my fists on his back. He only chuckles and starts making his way towards the house. "No..please no!" I beg desperately. "I can't!" Barricade freezes and takes me by surprise as he places me back on the ground.

"What do you mean you can't?" He asks, his voice surprisingly soft. I shake my head and keep my eyes trained on the ground.

"I..I'm not ready to do this." I whisper. There's a moment of silence before I get a reaction from him.

"Tanya." My eyes widen as his fingers grasp my chin, forcing me to look into his eyes. My blue eyes lock with his ruby ones and I start to calm down...slightly. "You can do this. Stop doubting yourself." He says quietly, the smallest of smiles making its way onto his face.

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