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Sparkmates Of Destiny by AngelBlade2000
Sparkmates Of Destinyby AngelBlade
In a world where giant transforming alien robots are merely a work of fiction, a group of friends try to escape their grim reality through the many media outlets the int...
Destiny by InaliaFox
Destinyby Inalia
(Y/N) was an average 17 year old girl. The only difference was she was bullied, ignored by her family and had no friends. She was an outcast that happened across her des...
Prime's Daughter by Ayano_Jackson
Prime's Daughterby Ayano Marie Jackson
Optimus has a secret that only few Autobots know: he has a daughter. She's the only known Autobot to be able to use music or her voice as a weapon, so it's no wonder tha...
Sky High (Dreadwing Story) by Shelby77gt
Sky High (Dreadwing Story)by Shelby
Rebecca Jane is a Lieutenant in the Air Force, stationed on a landing strip in the middle of canon near Jasper, Nevada. She is also a pilot. One day when she is on patro...
Rush by AlexandriteTheGreat
Rushby AlexandriteTheGreat
All new life on Cybertorn was extinguished during the war. Not a single sparkling remained. But years later, on Earth, the Autobots uncover a small stasis pod, holding a...
The Spark of Cybertron by Lady_Kera
The Spark of Cybertronby The General of the Loki Army
Born with a glowing symbol mark on her left arm, Ora Darby was called a freak on the first day of her new school. When all things seemed to fall apart in life, alien rob...
A Prime's Daughter by Naila_Jimenez_71
A Prime's Daughterby Naila Jimenez
A pod is lunched from Cybertron during the great war. Optimus Prime watches it as it disappears through a space bridge. A single tear falls from his eye as he looks away...
If I went to Bayverse by ShadowMaster93
If I went to Bayverseby ShadowStar
I dunno, just if I went to Bayverse world thats all. Gonna give this story a whirl. This is a combo of all the movies, also tf5 even though I haven't seen it yet. It wil...
THE WILL OF PRIMUSby Titus prime
As a Prime it's Titus' job to maintain balance in the universe but after getting high Dark energon readings from a planet named Earth, his title as a Prime is tested aga...
Son of Airachnid (Transformers prime) by springtrap3glass
Son of Airachnid (Transformers springtrap 3glass
Megatron and Airachnid Have a sparkling who was raised on earth by humans. do I really need to say more
Transformers prime: faulty by Divine_God1
Transformers prime: faultyby Divine_God1
Faulty is based on the transformers prime series. The war for cybertron has raged for eons killing many autobots and decepticons. This is no exception for the wrecker E...
Child of the Allspark (Transformers Prime) by Fanatic_Squared
Child of the Allspark ( Fanatic Squared
Sector 7 called her Subject 21153, but to the Autobots she was Pixel, a girl raised in the confines of a hidden base underneath the Hoover Dam all because an ancient ali...
Of Drones and Logic by Jackattack90909
Of Drones and Logicby Jackattack90909
What if in the 3rd season finally, deadlock, Shockwave suffered a fatal injury by Optimus prime and forced into stasis, descending to Earth's oceans to be found 90 years...
Unforeseen by EraileaEvenstar
Unforeseenby EraileaEvenstar
Tragedy brought them together. An accident means to separate them. Ironhide had never meant to let things go as far as they had, he had simply promised to watch over her...
Transformers x reader one-shots by AssassinBlueX
Transformers x reader one-shotsby AssassinBlueX
All the autobots and decepticons here to love you and you only!
Little Innocence, One Big Heart [Decepticons x child!reader!] by peacockdragon12345
Little Innocence, One Big Heart [ Creativity_Juice
What if one night a child, a innocence and shy little girl, witnessed a fight against two robots?What happens if that child decide to leap into that active fight and pro...
Ratchet's CyberWolf by GabstheDragonsQueen
Ratchet's CyberWolfby Moonlight
A young Predacon Cyberwolf hybrid by the name of Sapphire is on team prime, she may be young but she had a lot of potential, she does a lot to help her commander and the...
Lost souls - Sunstreaker  by tfp-fanfiction
Lost souls - Sunstreaker by ❤️K.A. Alberts💛
Skye is a 18 year old girl with a difficult past. No one really seems to understand her and often say she's unpredictable. After she was rescued by Lennox she was taken...
(UNDER HEAVY REWRITE!) Trapped in a Robot War by Lazulite_Beast
(UNDER HEAVY REWRITE!) Trapped Mergaton
Living in a world called reality, was the young girl C.j. This place is the world we all live in, the only true escape being our own minds. Trapped in the web of her own...
Constellations | Cato Hadley by brieee02
Constellations | Cato Hadleyby brie
The third Quarter Quell is among the citizens of Panem, and they're in for a twist. Wren Eldrid and Cato Hadley have been awarded a second chance at survival. As the two...