°Chapter 21° I Can't Do This

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Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers. Micheal Bay and Hasbro do. I only own my Oc, plot twists, and evil cliff hangers.~Hannah


This can't be happening. There's no way any of this is happening.

It's all a fucked up dream, and I'm going to be waking up soon, and find everything is the same as it was. No sentient robots, no war for Earth, and no me almost dieing.

And I sure as hell did not just get adopted.

Although, as hard as I try to push these events off as just a dream, I know it's not just a dream.

Sentient robots from space are real, and are standing all around me.

There was a war for Earth, one I almost died in.

Though, out of all of these, the idea of me getting adopted seems the most unrealistic. It doesn't feel right, and it sure as hell doesn't seem right.

'Tanya are you alright? Your heart rate has spiked.' Ratchet asks over our bond. That's all I need to clarify my feelings about this. They can feel my fear and my confusion. They know I'm not alright, yet they don't know why.

"No...you're lying." I say dryly after a moment of hesitation. "You have to be lying to me!"

"Tanya why would I be lying to you?" Will asks from below. I go rigid in Optimus' hand, something he catches.

'Tanya what's wrong?'

'Lil' lady you alright?'


'Tanya what's wrong?'


'Sweetspark?' As their questions mixed with their feelings swarm me I begin to become overwhelmed; all of the emotions too much for me to handle.

"Put me down." I whisper. They all look at me confused.

"Tanya?" Optimus asks unsure.

"I said put me down!" I snap. "Just put me on the ground damn it!" Optimus looks unsure of what to do, but he puts me down on the ground.

"Tanya what's wrong?" Will immediately asks as he rushes to my side. I hug my chest with my arms, trying to block everyone out.

"Stay away, just stay away from me." I whimper like a helpless child.

'Perhaps you should leave for a moment Sweetspark.' Sparky suggests in her motherly tone that somehow helps calm my nerves; but by very little.

"I just want to be alone right now." I mumble, walking out of the room; leaving everyone behind.

I know Will's lying, he has to be. No one would ever adopt me, some freak like me. He probably just feels bad for me. But no matter how hard I will it to be lie, some part of me wants it to be the truth.

Part of me wants to have a real family again.

~3rd Person Pov~

They were surprised by Tanya's outburst, and confused as to why she would act like that. One minute she's smiling filling their hearts and sparks with joy, and the next she's upset; filling their hearts and sparks with dread.

"Sam why would she act like this?" Epps asks the young man who arrived shortly after Tanya's outburst.

Sam, being told everything that happened, sighs sadly; running a hand over his face.

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